Difficulties Fresh IT Graduates Face When Finding A Job

Difficulties Fresh IT Graduates Face When Finding A Job

Have you had a rough time finding your first job? Well, we all did. Finding the perfect job as a graduate is almost an impossible mission in real world, unfortunately being enthusiastic and energetic is not enough recruiters, and a lot of other perspectives are taken into consideration like your degree, experience, and skills and sometimes they need to know all about your social background.

Fresh graduates need to be aware that they will not be able to find a perfect job from the first interview or even getting an interview appointment in a short while after graduating, obstacles and challenges will come up your way anyways, don’t forget to put a goal and determine to achieve it.

Here are the top 5 Common challenges may face fresh graduates in finding a job:

  1. The Real “Bitter” World.

This is a reality shock wave for fresh graduates, college doesn’t teach and prepare students for real world reality, it’s an educational organization only , of course some ethics and principles were taught but it’s not related to work , your college degree is your educational skill , now you have to work on the other skills needed to survive real world matters .

  • As a trick tip , you can always check online job opportunities websites like LinkedIn and

Joblang.com, under the Job opportunity announcement they always write down the skills needed for each job position, read the skills that matches your title so you can get a glimpse of the skills you need.

  1. Week Interview Skills.

Interview phase is tremendously important, a lot of students think that having their educational degree, basic skills and drive are enough to get the job, but that’s not true.

Most of the recruiters use their instinct either accepting or rejecting the applicant according their behavior in the interview. Some job seekers are sometimes excellent students in college but they wouldn’t have any communication skills that would help them deliver the talents they have.

  • As a trick tip, you can see videos and read articles about how to leave a great impression in any interview, and the advices you should into consideration.
  1. Lack of maturity

Lack of Maturity and acting like a child is one of the worst challenges that face any fresh graduate, work atmosphere is basically someone telling you what to do and how to do it, some fresh graduates may feel uncomfortable when someone gives them orders, otherwise, mature fresh graduates are more open minded and they know how work goes in any organization.

This is not generalized to all fresh graduates, some fresh graduates worked while studying and other used to involve in volunteering work activities, which of course is a boost for them in front of their future employer.

  • You must mention every volunteer work you took a part in, because some companies count volunteer work as an outstanding work experience.
  1. Salaries, between Expectations and Satisfaction.

Being a fresh graduate surely means they have no clue what are the market salary rates, that’s why in most interviews fresh graduates tend to give either an over rated salary expectation or a very low salary rate . Fresh graduates do not have the experience in calculating the fair salary rate, you should know if the offered salary is at least enough your basic needs. Some fresh graduates would take in any offered salary and end up in debt the rest of the month, and that’s a big mistake, you can instead get an unpaid training course from a reliable strong company with a certificate.

  • You should do a research about the fair job salaries for the entry level, and calculate all the expenses you will spend in a month even the transportations daily fees cost, after doing a fair monthly calculation expenses, then take a decision to accept or decline the job offer.
  • For example : you studied English literature in UK , and you’re looking for an English teacher job position in UK , search for websites which posts about the available jobs in UK like Joblang.com and LinkedIn , and check the salary rates attached below the job position .
  1. No Specific Direction

Fresh graduates generally have no specific goal or orientation regarding their future job.  This is unfortunately a problematic phenomenon, not putting a specific goal might make you wander aimlessly with no target and suddenly find yourself in a middle of nowhere in your career path.

If you want to have a higher chance of success and fulfillment then you must exploit the skills you excel at and concentrate in building up a superior career path at a very young age, don’t hesitate to sharpen up your skills, use your skills as super powers.

  • Do not be shy to ask your favorite professor or any other successful person you know for a primitive orientation and to help you choose the right career path which easily combines your skills and educational references together.

Fresh graduates may contribute many obstacles while looking for a suitable job, this is the hard part when you enter the work and job phase, if you were smart enough to combine your owned skills with a great drive then your good to go . Remember that the more you battle the more you soar.


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