How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engine To Your Website

by Haider Ali Khan 0

How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engine To Your Website

Ever wondered why Google and others earn billions of dollars through paid traffic spends? One possible reason for this is that getting organic traffic from search engines is probably the hardest thing to do. Many brands and agencies do not have the patience or the perseverance to get traffic in an organic manner.

Creating the right content and optimising your website for attracting organic traffic is not only difficult, but also nearly impossible. However, given an option of saying which type of traffic is better, I bet anyone is going to say paid traffic.

In this article, we look at how to gain organic traffic to your website the right way.

Benefits of Organic Traffic over Paid Traffic

Even though brands and agencies spend thousands of dollars for paid traffic every month, everyone knows that organic traffic is always better than paid traffic.

Organic traffic is always far more targeted than paid traffic. You can always expect the right website visitors to reach your website. With paid traffic, search engines do not hesitate to send leads and traffic that are not specifically targeted. This means a short spike in your traffic, but does not translate into engagement or sales conversions.

Organic traffic that is attracted to your content will help in community building at all times. In addition, this traffic is going to keep coming back to your website. There attraction is just quality content, and not ad pushing.

For search engines, organic traffic is the top marker for judging a website. Websites, which get high volumes of organic traffic, are rewarded with better search rankings and visibility.

More than anything, in order to attract organic traffic, you do not need to spend money! No Paid Traffic = No Extra Money Spent!

Ways to get Organic Traffic to your Website

  1. A Useful and Informative Blog Section-

If you are looking to attract organic traffic, you will definitely need to be on top of your blogging game. The biggest draw for any organic traffic is a credible, useful and informative blog section.

The key is not to push products or services in the face of your visitors. The key is to raise important questions and concerns of the industry and offer viable solutions. Once visitors are convinced of your solutions, the transition to buying products will be very easy.

This is why having a blog section is necessary for any brand. Not only does a blog section garner the most volume of organic traffic, it also serves as a repository of keywords. This helps website SEO and improves search rankings.

  1. Aggressive Social Sharing-

In order to attract the right organic traffic, you need to publicise your website features and blog on social media channels. This will help you attract a significant share of visitors from social to the website.

This movement of traffic from social media to the website does not contribute to SEO scores (it is a No-Follow Link). However, through the strategic use of hashtags, best practices and great content, you can attract organic traffic.

Sharing blog links on social media with great headlines and catchy titles will help people following that hashtag to click on the link and land on your website.

  1. Keyword Friendly SEO-

If you are lucky enough to get the right SEO Agency, you will be able to master organic traffic easily. The right agency has a strategic approach to SEO. By targeting keywords, and optimising the same, they will create the perfect conditions for your website to attract organic traffic.

An innovative digital marketing agency will also use non-traditional SEO strategies like Guest Posting Services and Blogger Outreach Services. This will help attract newer audiences in your industry niche and move organic traffic to your website.

  1. Create Quality Content-

The single biggest attraction of organic traffic is quality content. Quality content does not only refer to text based keyword friendly content. It also encapsulates videos, high quality images and a proper content strategy.

Investing in a content creating team should be high on your priority of digital marketing things-to-do list. By creating original, informative and useful content, you will drive organic traffic to your website with ease.

It is not important to keep churning out the best every single day of the week. However, you can make efforts to get it done at least once a week, if not more.

  1. Be Patient-

Attracting organic traffic for a sustained period might be a difficult and time-consuming process. However, please be aware, that it is a highly rewarding experience. Once you have attracted the right audiences, they will never leave your site.

This is the challenge that most webmasters face- they run out of patience. Even when we know that this is the right thing to do, we abandon it for paid traffic and intermittent spikes.

The best things take time, and organic traffic is no different. Unless you are willing to put in at least six months of sustained efforts, you might not start seeing results.


The real success of any digital marketing agency or brand is measured by the kind of organic traffic it attracts. The best brands do not even spend a single penny on sponsored promotions. They ride on the quality of their content and their networking skills in the industry.

For search engines, organic traffic is the Holy Grail measure of determining how good a website is. Organic traffic can open up avenues of white hat monetization that you cannot even imagine.

If you follow the above stated ways of attracting organic traffic, chances are your website is going to be a successful one.