Crust Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter: A Techy-Car Device

Crust Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter: A Techy-Car Device

In day to day life, everyone needs entertainment, and if you have a 9 to 6 life there is neither any time for relaxing nor any to listen to music. For car owners, the car is one of the places to take a short break. But what if you own a car whose stereo is outdated and you don’t want to spend on a new entertainment system? Well, now there is a solution! Say hello to the new smart car gadget from Crust, this will turn your old dozy music system to a New astonishing music system. Now playing your loved music or attending calls wirelessly, sitting in your car is not a big challenge any more.

There are multiple wired options out in the market. But wires are a mess and connecting your car speakers to your smartphone via a cable is too outdated for today’s age.

Crust Car Bluetooth FM transmitter is a tech gadget which turns your car stereo into a smart music system. Furthermore, it has many features which will make you and your car feel smart and outstanding.

This Car Bluetooth device lets you attend your calls, play music and charge your smart devices. Yes, absolutely this car Bluetooth device comprises of dual rapid fast charging slots, allowing your smart devices to be charged while you drive.

These dual charging slots consist of a QC 3.0 fast charge slot which will fully charge your smart device within minutes. The other slot can be used for charging or for playing audio files from USB drives.

You might be thinking, what makes the Crust car Bluetooth device better than other car Bluetooth devices? So, here are few unique features, it has CVC technology that helps in Echo cancellation and noise suppression during a call which makes it more efficient than other ordinary devices.

Automatic power-off memory function: Yes, this device remembers and auto-resumes the music from the last playing position & Auto-connects to the Last Paired Bluetooth Device.

Just because of auto connect, there is no need to connect your smartphone to the car Bluetooth device regularly. It just skips the whole process of scanning and connecting.

Car Voltage Indicator: It displays the present voltage of the car battery; this feature helps you to keep track of your car battery.

FM Transmitter: Do you recall something? While introducing this device I used the words “Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter”. Now, you might have understood, this device converts audio received via Bluetooth and USB and transmits it to your car stereo wirelessly via FM on the selected frequency.

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