Red Bull Hacked by Prosox

by Maddy Dogar 0

red bull hacked

Prosox, the hacker responsible for YouTube’s major security breach earlier this month, is at it again. This time around, the hackers have set their sights on Red Bull. The company responsible for giving their patrons wings, had theirs clipped.

It’s nothing personal though. Or so Prosox claims. “It’s just for fun, I just use [the] script ‘youtube-change-title-video’ and I write ‘hacked’ don’t judge me I love YouTube,” Prosox said in regards to the YouTube hack. So far, little is known about the hacker, other than that they seem to be after seemingly random websites.

Red Bull though, isn’t just a single domain like YouTube. Over 30 subdomains were taken down. All the subdomains were using the major content management system, Drupal. It is speculated that the hackers used the code execution exploit in Drupal to carry out the hack.

The websites are back up right now after a just a little while of going under. But when the hackers got a hold of it, it looked something like this.

A screenshot by The Hack Post of Hacked Red Bull page
A screenshot by The Hack Post of Hacked Red Bull page

Soon after Prosox violated Red Bull’s website, a hacker by the screen name “Shade” uploaded another file to their server by the same name. This one read “Hacked by Shade”. It is unknown if the Drupal vulnerability is patched or not, but Red Bull did take both files down.

Hackers have been playing around with Red Bull’s websites for nearly a day and as you can probably tell, Red Bull was reluctant to act. Red Bull, being a company that has more a physical presence than digital, made an easy target for these hackers.