DNA Testing Review with Oh My Genes

by Haider Ali Khan 0

DNA Testing with Gentiqo

The day is finally here and I got my DNA test results from Oh My Genes. 6 weeks after I’d sent my sample back to their lab in New York, via the pre-paid return envelope, I received an email notifying me that my results were available.

My feeling is that getting my DNA test by Oh My Genes was really worth it. My results account included a wealth of manageable and straightforwardly understandable information about my genetics. It additionally provided implementable & focused recommendations, that was not only based on exercising more and eating less. I was mostly fascinated with the high level of the associations Oh My Genes made between my DNA and the useful implications the results could have in relation to my overall health & wellness.

Occasionally it had been slightly tricky to browse the abundance of information contained within the results, however it is really a minor difficulty within an exceptional experience.

Each results section included its own introductory part, discussing the biology behind every field, and the genes (more precisely genetic markers) involved in it.

When it comes to the “Medication” section, it wasn’t (at least for the moment) of much use to me, though it may be helpful later on. As an example, I found that I have an increased risk to have a lower response to beta-blockers. I can observe in the information that my gene result was AA, giving me a reduced response to beta blockers. I can also see in it that I had been invited not to stop using them without checking with my clinician first if I had already been prescribed beta blockers.

In the “What is the purpose of using this medication?” section, beta blockers are mentioned to be used as a treatment for abnormal heart rhythms such as tachycardia, by dropping blood flow and blood pressure to the heart, allowing it to beat with less force and more slowly.

There was likewise additional advices I might look in, for example extra info concerning the medication, the genetic markers they’d analyzed, the clinical need for beta blockers, and also resources (e.g. research papers).