Customer Persona

Creating Strong Customer Persona

Customer personas are very important for successful marketing. Your marketing strategy should consist of creating a strong customer personas. “Customer” isn’t a word only, it’s not just a thought, and it’s an existent being. Hence, knowing more about your brand followers on Instagram, their changing needs, wants, and demands, are necessary for you to achieve a successful marketing plan. Buy Instagram followers to get targeted leads and customers personas. A persona helps a marketer in focusing on his business related decisions. It helps the marketer to have some real thoughts about his customers rather than abstract thoughts. Creating customer personas helps a marketer know about the customers he should target. Not only that, customer personas can help in boosting your marketing strategies that results in more sales and profit.

Steps for developing strong customer persona

In order to create strong customer personas, you would want to consider a few steps. Mainly, there are six steps for creating persona that helps in driving your marketing strategy.

Conduct a Detailed Customer research

Do a detailed research on your customers? Who are these people? What is their idea, belief, or perspective of you? Learn what thoughts they hold about you. What makes them go for your products or services? Learn more about their needs, and target them accordingly. After knowing what your customers think about you, try to predict what they want from you. Try to meet their expectations.

Extract more data about your customers from your Facebook audiences. Take a look on their interests by looking at the pages they have liked. Moreover, it can help you know from where the majority of your customers come from. It will give you an idea of their income, profession, education, and their buying behavior. Another way of knowing more about your customers is by conversing to them. Conducting surveys or interviewing customers can help marketers extract a lot of information about the customers.

Breakdown the research

Condense i.e. breakdown the research into what is mutual between you and the customer. Identify and find the things that are beneficial to both, the customers and the business. If you will think about the benefit of your customer, they will reward you by buying your products. Hence, identifying the right target market is very much important for the right marketing of your products.

Brainstorm the results

Once you have gathered all information about your customers, and you are clear about your type of customers, their wants, needs, demands, and all relative data that relates to your business and your customer, you need to brainstorm the results. Make different persona groups, and identify all the customers with similar traits and needs and classify into one persona group and the other customers with differing views into the persona group of their type. Name each persona group accordingly.


Combine the different persona that you previously organized into different group of customers. Make three categories out of them; namely primary, secondary, and complementary.

Make persona look realistic

The persona you developed should look professional or realistic. Every persona should have a relevant description about it.

Enter persona into CRM

The last step is to enter persona into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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