Nikon Vs Canon: Which one to go for?

by Khizer Hayat 0

Nikon Vs Canon: Which one to go for

Nikon and Canon are highly competitive with each other nowadays. Today I will be reviewing the Ultimate Battle between Nikon and Canon and hope you will find which is better and superior either Nikon or Canon. If you are a Nikon user you can find more apps on the Apple side and for Canon users, there are probably many apps on the android side. Both Nikon and Canon DSLRs come with great and advanced technologies but in my opinion, you can capture great Shoots with 30% camera, 30% lens and 40% will be your skills.

Nikon and Canon are the biggest Japanese multinational companies and making cameras for years. Nikon and Canon offer cameras with same features but in terms of Image Quality and resolution, there is more difference. In all new DSLRs, Nikon focused on sensor design while Canon focused on the megapixels.

On entry-Level DSLRs, Canon offers you more features like Convenient Touch Screen while Nikon Gives you more awesome Graphics that you can easily understand what’s actually happening inside the camera. Nikon enables you to shoot High-quality images with more crispness and sharpness but on the canon side, the sharpness is just impeccable.

In my Opinion, the Nikon is versatile, Affordable and captures great images for you. I will recommend Nikon D3100 for Beginners that is just insane.

Nikon D3100