Using the Internet to Order Food: Amazon and Other Companies Delivering Food in Major US Cities

by Haider Khan 0

Using the Internet to Order Food: Amazon and Other Companies Delivering Food in Major US Cities

Amazon announced that one hour delivery would now be available from restaurants all over the city through Prime Service, giving users another reason to never leave their houses.

SAN DIEGO, CA- Is Amazon adding features to Amazon Prime just so people will commit to pay $100 dollars for it? Now, Amazon is offering hot food delivery (within an hour) from major businesses all over the San Diego area, with two food services to choose from: Primenow and Prime Free Same-Day. The major difference between the two services is the grocery service and one or two hour service.

 It’s been reported by Amazon that over 90 restaurants are now included in their delivery service (not including their grocery service):

  • Carnitas Snack Shack
  • Dumpling Inn
  • T Deli
  • Mozza
  • Beatrix
  • Green Leaf
  • Moonshine

According to Amazon, customers can browse through huge selections of restaurants to “stop fighting traffic to get food from your favorite local restaurants,” Gus Lopez, general manager of Amazon Restaurants stated. This move could put them in competition with a lot of recent startups like Uber Tech. Unfortunately for them, Amazon can have Prime Now (the new one hour service’s name) available in several major cities around the United States (such as Seattle, Boston, Austin, Baltimore, Portland, New York, Chicago, Miami and New York).

Average Delivery Time of Less than an Hour

So far, the average delivery time is around 39 minutes, and customers can even track their orders like they track their passages— through the Prime Underground or Prime Now mobile smartphone app. The service first started in 16 zip codes, but most of them are located around the San Diego area. You might be charged a small surcharge for the service, and Amazon has a $20 minimum, but it’s not a big price to pay for food delivered right to your doorstep, they even deliver alcoholic beverages!

Amazon Expansion: Is Takeover Imminent?

Of course, this isn’t Amazon’s only business merger. They’ve recently expanded into the handyman business and the craft market, pushing out Etsy and Yellow Pages- all available through their $99 dollar Amazon Prime subscription, making it a whole lot more than just delivering packages, listening to music, watching movies or reading E-Books.