Sony Xperia R Leaks, Specs, Release Date and More
Sony Xperia R Leaks, Specs, Release Date and More

Sony Xperia R Leaks, Specs, Release Date and More

Sony is doing its homework on its new upcoming smartphone Sony Xperia XR, it seems that we are few weeks away from seeing a flagship by Sony. Yeah its true I repeat, may be it will take 2 or 3 weeks to launch Sony Xperia X, Xperia XA and Xperia X performance.

However Sony does not wait for anybody, it’s likely the new Sony Xperia XR will be launched this year at IFA tradeshow in late September. Here’s the news what we know about the new flagship device from Sony.

Disclaimer: Below are rumors based upon leaks and reports present all over the internet. Nothing is confirmed yet so take caution while reading.

Having a 5.1-INCH SCREEN

The 1st news about the flagship is that it will sport a 5.1 inch display, which is a norm now a days and we will not take it too seriously.

Moreover if Sony choose a moderate form factor it will be a clever step forward, as it compels the audience more.


Journalist Steve Hemmerstoffer suggested in some reports that flagship will be pushed to the market with having these dimensions 146.4 x 71.9 x 8.1mm. These dimensions make this phone a bit taller and wider but on the other hand make it slimmer and easier to hold.

However it’s not that razor sharp thin like One plus 3 (7.35mm), iPhone 6S (7.1mm) and Galaxy S7 (7.9mm).


Reports are saying that it will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chip, beside from 821 which is also available but 820 is a powerful chip and very famous for its performance benchmarks.

This means that it wouldn’t be a flagship device unless they put a snapdragon 820 SOC under the hood to compete shoulder to shoulder in the market with beasts from HTC, LG, and Samsung.


Rumors has it that the new flagship from Sony will have USB Type C propriety connector which is the first ever from Sony.

Type C connector is based on the existing USB standards but with some advance features like the pin is reversible like lightning connector from Apple, also providing with fast data transfers back and forth from pc to phone and also supports fast charging over a compatible charger head.

It is very probable that USB Type C connector will replace Micro USB connector and this has already begun because recent devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Apple 12-inch MacBook sports USB Type C connector.

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (in our opinion)

Over the internet there are numerous leaks of 3D renders and dummies that might resemble the exact device somehow. Below is a picture which resembles according to the description rumored by different sources.


The final statement is that the real units have been shown over numerous websites and leaks from different sources confirms that the device is already finished.

Moreover the most interesting sign is that Sony has now confirmed attendance for Berlin’s IFA 2016 technology tradeshow, which will proceed in the very first week of September. It would be a big bombshell that Sony does not come up with its flagship at IFA.

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