Samsung Z2 With Reliance Jio Offer but not a winning combination

by Haider Khan 0

Samsung Z2 With Reliance Jio Offer but not a winning combination

Samsung offers a low-cost Tizen OS based smartphone, the Samsung Z2, with Reliance Jio 4G. But the offer is not a winning combination yet.

The Indian telecommunication scene has been inspired greatly by the approaching launch of Reliance Jio. Jio is the largest 4G network in India and offers high speed mobile internet. It assures to shape the future of India by providing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, institutions and households and seamlessly bridging the rural-urban divide.

In this regard, Samsung offers Samsung Z2 which is a low-cost Tizen OS based smartphone. There are no less than 550 million smartphone users, so the opportunity is really great and diverse. So this phone may get its place in the cheapest 4G feature phones competing in the market today.

The upcoming Z2 is much similar, in terms of design and specifications, to the the first Tizen smartphone, Samsung Z1, which was launched last year. Now the combination of Z2 with the Reliance Jio seems somewhat old. It’s just like a festival taking place in a city where new bottles are filled with old beer.

For a phone that is low-end to switch to 4G technology seems really odd. Users won’t be able to get entertained over the mobile network using Z2, as they can on other smartphones. A phone having a display even smaller than 4-inch won’t provide users with a successful experience even if it is cheap. It would rather be better if customers get a cheaper 5-inch phone or if that’s not available then they may grab a used one. We must consider that almost every user, uses Google Play, WhatsApp and other social media apps.

Despite of the fact that the Z2 is coming with Reliance Jio 4G at the price of 2,990 Indian Rupees the option lacks a great deal. The users to get the new phone will not be getting a feature phone for the first time. Rather they will be now going to buy at least their 2nd or 3rd smartphone. They are going to buy a phone which can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot as the internet data will be very cheap. In the Samsung Z2 space driven by low-cost 4G data there would be a few quarters like the hockey stick growth. But, it seems that it will take a little more time when we get large screen feature phones along with 4G data at cheaper rates.