PayPal going to transfer its business to Google cloud services soon

by Haider Khan 0

PayPal going to transfer its business to Google cloud services soon

According to a report of CNBC published on Tuesday, the Google Inc. is going to win the PayPal Holding as a client of its cloud business, by beating other clients in the run including Amazon Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. The report added that the online payments processor is still evaluating the other clients and hasn’t made any final decision yet, however Google is the favorite. CNBC also stated that PayPal would probably not move its technology infrastructure in the peak period for online commerce i.e. the fourth quarter of the year.

The report further added that PayPal has already some existing business with the Amazon Web Services. The cloud computing market has been dominated by Amazon Inc. and Microsoft Corp., however, Google is also trying to strengthen its presence and services in the market.

The co-founder of VMWare Inc., Diane Greene, had joined Google in the late 2015 and under her leadership Google’s cloud business gained a lot of momentum. So, in the month of March, Google landed Home Depot Inc. as a client.

Moreover, the Google Inc. also counts Snapchat, popular messaging app, and Spotify, which is the world’s biggest paid music streaming service, as clients. According to Synergy Research, Google was at 4th place in the cloud infrastructure services last year with a market share of 4%. The top three were Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and IBM having market shares of 31, 9 and 7 percent respectively. On different requests for comments Google, PayPal and Amazon did not respond immediately. Microsoft Corp. turned down the request for comment on the stated report.