Microsoft shows that Windows 10 will soon catch up with Windows 7
Microsoft shows that Windows 10 will soon catch up with Windows 7

Microsoft shows that Windows 10 will soon catch up with Windows 7

As we do know, Microsoft Windows 10 is over a year old now. However, Microsoft is trying hard to make the users use the latest operating system, and the company’s latest data shows that this effort of theirs is paying back.

The third-party market research firms give about 20% of market share to Windows 10, and this share is a good one for an operating system that was rolled out about 13 months ago.

However, the latest operating system from Microsoft is now running on about 39% of Windows computers, according to Microsoft’s own data. The stated figures are available on Microsoft’s Developer resources page and also include Windows Store trends. Moreover, according to the company the users of Windows 10 increased by 3% in July from the last month figure of 36%.

Windows 7 continues to lead the pack:

Windows 7, released in 2009, is still leading the Windows pack with 46%, according to Microsoft, however, if Windows 10 continues to grow at this pace then in a matter of one or two months, the Windows versions may switch their places. As far as Windows 8.1 is concerned, 13% of the Windows users are running it on their PCs and its share is going down as more and more systems are getting upgraded to the latest Windows version.

The data provided by Microsoft is a bit different from the one shared by third party firms not only because of the methods employed collecting data but also because these figures exclusively focus on current supported Windows versions and do not include older versions, such as Windows XP or Windows Vista. Moreover, Redmond primarily relies on telemetry passed over by computers running Windows 10.

As far as Windows XP is concerned, about 10% of Windows users are having it installed on their computers, according to third-party market share figures. Hence, by excluding the share of XP from the total figures, the remaining versions show a more or less significant increase in their share. Also, Microsoft analyzed Windows Store statistics and it had no other option other than that.

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