iPhone 7 Geometry Form factor explained from a video via MKBHD
iPhone 7 Geometry Form factor explained from a video via MKBHD

iPhone 7 Geometry, Form factor explained from a video via MKBHD

Apple iPhone fan boys are going crazy over the internet putting different 3D renders and concepts of iPhone 7 and how it will look like, in the meanwhile Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD a professional reviewer of technology based devices and gadgets got his hands on a fake iPhone, which was surprisingly cool, MKBHD reported.

As Marques explains, it’s a clone or fake device made from all the things we know so far regarding iPhone 7 Plus / Pro or whatever the new device will be called. It would be an intelligent move not to take observations like this as a joke as they are accurate up to some quite extent.

Keeping all the above in mind, the utmost difference when compared to the previous generation of iPhones is that user will not have to see the protruding antenna bands on the back, surprisingly there is no headphone jack, instead of which user will get to experience great sound quality as there are two speaker setup at the bottom of the phone with a lightning connector at the middle.

While one can wonder if there are dual lens setup like the Huawei P9 at the back of iPhone, for which precise features Apple will mount these lenses on the back. It is obvious if there is a dual lens setup than it will capture more data from target object with every shot, better low light photography, may be some more visual effects like lens blur or just in case say a wider image or a closer shot due to manual control of field of view.

MKBHD video increase some more intriguing points in mind of the consumer, if you are interested on going to buy 1 make sure to watch the video first.

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