Google New Operating System Fuchsia
Google New Operating System Fuchsia

Google is making its new Operating System named as Fuchsia which could run probably on any device

The tech leader Google has currently two operating system, one is Android Operating System for Mobile phones while the other one is Chrome Operating System for its laptops called Chrome Books. But Google is not going to stop they are working on another operating system called Fuchsia (Purple + Pink = Fuchsia). Whereas the exact platform is still unknown though it can literally run on any device.

Google has been busy in developing a build. In the past Google has come up with operating systems normally based on Linux Kernel, but this time Google new operating system will be based on Magenta kernel instead of Linux Kernel. The Magenta Kernel is based upon a “Little Kernel” project which is implemented inside embedded systems. It seems that this new OS is intended to run on devices connected to the internet.

Adding more, Christopher Anderson and Brian Swetland are two engineers working as embedded systems experts on projects like Nexus Q and Android TV.

Odds are that Magenta is an embedded system Kernel although Security features like application permissions, user’s profiles are supported by it.

In the report presented by Android Police stating that, there are three core parts of the operating system which Google is building. On top of all is programming language called Dart, the other one is called Flutter which will help to develop user interface, while the last one is Escher which will support in light infusion and shadows of the operating system. Previously Escher was accountable for the animations, shadows and all the effects in Google’s Material Design.

For now Google has presented the code for Fuchsia through their own code library and GitHub. The readme file do not provide any detail information about its features. There are rumours flying around that the chrome OS and Android will finally merge together.

Currently the code is accessible for the PCs and even the ARM devices to be compiled and run on. Travis Geisel Brecht one of the top Google Developers has said that this Operating System will come Raspberry Pi 3 too.
Another speculation by hacker news specifies that the operating system has already being tested on Acer Laptops and some other platforms as well.

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