Over 40 Indian NIC/Government Websites Hacked & Defaced

Over 40 Indian NIC/Government Websites Hacked & Defaced

A Pakistani hacker claiming to be codenamed “Faisal 1337” has gained access to an Indian NIC (National Informatics Centre) server which lead over 40 Indian government websites hacked and defaced. The hacker somehow managed to add his deface page in a directory named “writereaddata” on all of those hacked websites. We aren’t sure exactly how “Faisal 1337” gained access to the server, but gaining access to an Indian NIC server is not easy.

While looking at his deface page, Faisal 1337 appears to be from a hacktivist group named “TeaM Pak Cyber Attackers”. According to the deface page, the reason for the hack and defacement is to prove that “security is just an illusion” and the hack has nothing to do with any politics of cyber war between India and Pakistan.

According to Indian Tech geeks, all Indian NIC servers are secured and are carefully monitored since all important Indian Government websites are hosted by NIC. This securely puts a big question over the security added on this NIC server. The list for of those sites which have been hacked can be found here.

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