10 Best Universities in the UK for Psychology in 2024

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10 Best Universities in the UK for Psychology in 2024

Are you looking for the best universities in the UK for Psychology programs? Every student wishes to study in a reputable and top-ranked university.  Before getting admission, mainly searching for psychology, you must research university.

According to a recent Statista, the market size of profession psychology, also named the mental health market, is expected to earn US$1.29bn in 2024 in the UK. Moreover, it is expected to grow annually from 2024 to 2028 by 1.33%, resulting in US$1.36bn.

Psychology is no doubt the coolest of all the subjects. Due to the rising mental health conditions in overall UK, there is an increased need for psychologists. A professional psychologist reads patients’ minds and practices some therapies to bring calming sensations. So, this is an excellent program to study and contribute positively to repairing people’s mental health.

According to the British Psychology Society, the guidance published on “Best Practices in Psychology Recruitment,” the authors have promoted the psychologist career pathways and tried to be inclusive to accommodate professionals in this domain.

Now, you can infer that it is an exciting subject to study with a broad range of scope. If you get admission to the said programs, managing the studies with a dissertation can be really tough. To solve the problem, you can consider dissertation writing services to cope with the deadlines.

Coming back to the topic, before getting admission to psychology, let’s read about the best universities in the UK for psychology and learn how diverse this program is.

What Is Psychology?

Psychology studies the human mind and how it thinks, behaves, and feels about specific patterns. John T Cacioppo called psychology a hub science in his work Psychology as a Hub Science. Psychology is also connected to different fields of science, such as social sciences, medical sciences and education.

Now you are considering which university is best for providing excellent course delivery. No need to worry; this guide will provide helpful information about the top universities in the UK for Psychology.

Top 10 Universities in the UK for Psychology – 2024

There are a lot of universities in the UK that offer undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate Psychology programs. But before selecting any university, you must check its latest ranking.

The ranking factor determines the criteria on which university comes in the top position. According to the QS Ranking,  the latest information on the best universities in the UK for Psychology is mentioned below.

1. University of Oxford

Oxford University is outstanding and is among the best universities in the UK for Psychology. The university holds a competitive approach. Every year, 600 applications are submitted against 90 slots in the Psychology department. The acceptance rate at Oxford University is  1 in 8 applicants. The department holds a strong directorship of Professor Matthew Rushworth with 30 research groups accommodating all the undergraduates, graduates, and researchers. Some of the extraordinary things it is famous for are mentioned below:

  • Determines excellent course content to teach students
  • Conducts lectures and seminars
  • Have excellent laboratories and libraries.
  • Admits and supervises postgraduate students
  • Examines thesis and dissertations.
  • Awards degrees and certification.

According to Times Higher Education subject rankings, 11th time Oxford has been recognised as number one in the world and coming in the top list of best universities for psychology in the UK. Admissions for undergraduates and postgraduates are open now.

2. The University of Cambridge

Researching the best universities in the UK for psychology, one cannot deny the standard of the University of Cambridge. This university is specially accredited by BPS (British Psychology Society). The graduates from the university get a higher chance to pursue their careers using this accreditation. Different programs are open now for the 2024 intake.

  • You can read the admission criteria for psychology at Cambridge’s official site.
  • For undergraduate psychology programs, read the entry requirements.
  • For postgraduate, you must find an MPhil or PhD psychology course relevant to your interest. When you compare psychology departments among the best universities in the UK for psychology, then you will be glad to know that you didn’t miss this goldmine. There are a lot of facilities, such as a developed library structure, updated laboratories and highly qualified faculty.

3. UCL (University College London)

UCL was founded in 1826 in the heart of London and is top-ranked and among the best Universities in the UK for Psychology. It offers multidisciplinary programs and has a professionally trained faculty. The total faculty staff is 16,000, and more than 50,000 from 150 countries.

The university is dedicated to providing high-quality education to students. This is the best university in the UK for psychology because it works on the most effective course strategy. Below is the discussed curriculum they follow for effective outcomes.

  • Modules are provided directly to students for proper guidance.
  • Assessment round (different tests, the research project)
  • Accessibility to different aids, including student portals

4. Kings College London

Kings College London has the best Psychology department. This finds a reputable position among the best universities in the UK for Psychology. Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-graduate programs in the psychology department are excellent.

Some of the key benefits this program holds are mentioned below.

  • KGL holds a strong partnership with SLaM (South London & Maudsley Hospital). After their studies, students are directly incorporated into volunteer and professional domains.
  • The department offers research and clinical expertise to the students.
  • It is offering a postgraduate scholarship in psychology for the 2024 intake.

Besides this, undergraduates find it competitive to get admission to this university. Due to its strong reputation, it has been projected to be among the best universities in the UK for psychology undergraduate study.

5. The London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE (London School of Economics & Political Science) is considered one of the best universities in the UK for Psychology.  In 1964, the first department of psychology and behavioural sciences was founded. The university offers different areas of expertise in psychology.

For example,

  • Behavioural science
  • Social psychology
  • Environmental psychology
  • Organisational and economic psychology.

This university has the best behavioural labs. They have solved different studying levels according to your recent qualifications. For example, if you enrol in Masters or Doctoral program, this level requires more precise and authentic research.

6. The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh stands tall among the top universities when you find the best Universities in the UK for Psychology. The admissions are opened at the university, and you can apply early for a smooth process.

Some of the most diverse Master’s fields offered by the university are mentioned below.

  • Developmental Science
  • Human cognitive and neuropsychology
  • Psychological research
  • Psychology of Individual Differences
  • Social psychology

It has the most established and highly infrastructure Schools of philosophy, psychology and language sciences. It offers various scholarships and funding to carry out your research. Don’t skip this university as it is among the best universities for masters in psychology UK.

7. The University of Manchester

If you are looking for the best universities in the UK for Psychology, the University of Manchester is one of them. The university is capable of accommodating a good number of students every year. They have diverse options for undergraduate students.

  1. BSc Psychology
  2. Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

One of the strategic goals of the University of Manchester is to take social responsibility to bring change.

The university aims to make a unique difference in communities’ social and economic well-being. It has good support from health and skilled professionals who aim to impart valuable expertise to the coming generations.

For those who want to pursue a master’s or Doctoral Program, it is considered one of the best universities in the UK for forensic psychology.

9. Cardiff University

Cardiff University holds exceptional statistics from the year 2022; the number of students and research stats is presented below

  • 23,765 undergraduates
  • 10,220 postgraduates
  • 100 students were volunteer in the local community

You can better get an idea from the mentioned stats; that it is among the best universities in the UK for Psychology. They have internationally acclaimed researchers involved in course design. It has well-organised laboratories, highly skilled teaching faculty and authentic accreditation from BPS (British Psychology Society).

Other than this, you can believe it is one of the best universities in the UK for clinical psychology programs. If you are passionate about pursuing further studies or basic clinical psychology studies, you should not skip this one.

9. University of Nottingham

Register your interest in the University of Nottingham, which is considered one of the best universities in the UK for criminal psychology and other psychology programs. The Department of Psychology has a strong and comprehensive course overview on various topics for final-year research projects. Some of the topics are given below for BSc Hons in Psychology.

  • Dyslexia
  • Spatial cognition
  • Autism
  • Anxiety and mental health
  • Neurodiversity

Applying for competitive universities requires a lot of time. You can go onto the university’s official website and register your credentials for an easy process. The university aims to turn visions into reality and contribute to impart a better impact on the community.

10. The University of Warwick

The Department of Psychology of Warwick University has a practical focus on teaching. The university aims to deliver a scientific understanding of all aspects of human behaviour. Moreover, it provides strong research assistance and guidance to the students enrolled in extensive research programs.

The Postdoctoral research at Warwick University is carried out by three distinctive groups as mentioned below,

  • The behavioural science group
  • The language and learning group
  • The lifespan health and well-being group


The question regarding the Best Universities in the UK for Psychology has been thoroughly answered. This comprehensive guide, incorporated with relevant links, has cleared all your queries regarding top-ranked universities for psychology in 2024.

You can choose easily from the list and compare the ones that align with your thoughts. Getting admission to any top-ranked universities will be an outstanding achievement.

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