Solo Travel Australia Is It Awkward To Travel Alone?

Solo Travel Australia: Is It Awkward To Travel Alone?

Are you used to travelling with your family or friends and now facing difficulties going on vacation as everyone has a different schedule and it is hard to match with each other’s availability? Maybe it is time for you to consider going alone for a solo travel Australia. Understandably, you have constant concerns about whether is it awkward to travel alone. Because you are not familiar with the feeling of exploring the city, staying solo in hotels or bed and breakfasts, or making friends with other solo travellers. However, you can leave all those worries, as this article will give you some advice on how you can enjoy travelling alone.

1. Choose a popular destination for solo travellers

Since you are a first-timer, you may deal with a lot of worries about solo travelling, especially when choosing the right destination for your first experience. However, travelling independently becomes increasingly popular nowadays amongst tourists of all ages and genders. 15% of travellers worldwide are going alone. Therefore, you can take advantage of this new trend by visiting the popular spot for solo travellers in the country of your destination.

For instance, you can go on a solo luxury tour in Perth and visit Elizabeth Quay. Many solo travellers find this place attractive, as it is constructed on the Esplanade Reserve which was built on reclaimed land. Here you can enjoy both buildings with great architecture and open spaces. At the same time, you can spend your free time in various bars and restaurants that provide tasty foods and beverages. You can easily access the area as there are many public transportation near this spot.

2. Be sociable with other travellers

Naturally, there is an unfamiliarity between you and other travellers you meet along your trip. To dispel the awkwardness and silence, you can start a light conversation with them. Picking a topic to discuss with other tourists. You can simply begin with a self-introduction and questions related to their last solo trip experience, their favourite destination, their preferred travel style, etc. If both of you share a lot of common interests, the conversation will flow naturally.

Another hack is if you feel uneasy about immediately making friends with a group of travellers, you can simply break the ice with one of them and then you can connect with their friends.

3. Get out of your comfort zone!

Spending nights in hotel rooms is more comfortable than being alone in a crowded place. However, you should not let that stop you from having an exciting vacation. You need to get out of the room and be active. For example, you can try to swim or enjoy a mountain bike trip in Margaret River. With such thrilling activities, you will no longer feel awkward during your trip.

It is natural to feel awkward during a solo trip, whether you embark on luxury tours or a backpacking trip. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can find the excitement of travelling alone and be captivated by the experience!

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