Did A Truck Brake Failure Cause Your Accident?

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Did A Truck Brake Failure Cause Your Accident?

A truck is a much larger vehicle than a passenger car and has various parts different from that of regular-sized cars. While regular vehicles use hydraulic brakes, large vehicles like a truck or semi-truck use air brakes to stop the vehicle from moving. These are complex braking systems and require expert professional knowledge for their maintenance.

Trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. If the brakes on such a vehicle fail and the vehicle does not stop when required, it can lead to a catastrophic accident. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you could be entitled to compensation from the liable party. Speak to a Houston truck accident lawyer today.

Why do truck brakes fail?

The braking system in a truck may fail due to several reasons. However, all of them originate from the negligence of a particular party. For example, brakes that have not been maintained or serviced for months can degrade with usage and stop functioning properly. The most common causes of brake fail in trucks are:

  • Defective design
  • Defective manufacturing
  • Poor maintenance
  • Overuse or misuse

Determining what caused the brakes to fail is crucial in recovering compensation if you have been injured in a brake-related truck accident. There could be numerous liable parties, including the driver, trucking company, brakes manufacturing company, etc.

The most common cause of brake failure

The most common reason why brakes in a truck fail is due to poor maintenance. Commercial truck brakes are extremely complex and involve many components. These systems must be checked and serviced by experts to ensure they are in good working condition. However, way too many trucking companies and drivers overlook this.

According to Federal law, trucking companies are required to conduct regular checking and inspections and make a log of them. If the log is incomplete or there are discrepancies, the trucking company owner may be liable for the accident and your damages.

Some common braking problems caused due to lack of maintenance are:

  • Worn brake components.
  • Incorrect air pressure.
  • Poorly adjusted brakes.
  • Overheated brakes.

Why are truck brake failure accidents so common?

Truck brake failures have been on the rise, especially because trucking companies are not properly training their drivers. An improper recruitment process could also be a reason. Negligence on any party responsible for the truck’s performance could lead to a life-threatening accident.

If you have been injured, consult a Houston attorney today to explore your legal options.