Types of VPS Servers

Types of VPS Servers

Businesses and individuals have recently begun to switch to the online environment due to the current global circumstances. This has, consequently, led to the creation of more ecommerce and business platform websites along with the inception of an incredible quantity of smaller personal blogs and local brick-and-mortar storefront pages.

The Power of a Virtual Private Server

An increasing number of people have also started to value virtual private servers (VPS) due to their amazing capabilities and features. Some of these include the ability to completely manage a VPS server’s resources independently from other websites located on the same machine because of the virtualization technology and the virtual machine that they run on, which is significantly better in comparison to the renowned and widely implemented shared hosting. Additionally, with a VPS, you also gain the ability to install custom applications and software that can help you manage and operate your server more easily. This is due to the fact that a VPS server presents you with complete root access, which can also be beneficial if you decide to manually upload, edit or alter your website’s files in any way. Moreover, hosting companies are now providing their customers with full 24/7 support and problem resolving services to further help them maintain their servers.

What are some VPS Types?

There are a plethora of different variations that you can go for, all of which are defined by the server’s resources and capabilities. However, we want to focus on some of the more overlooked options such as those that offer you to pay using a divergent payment method or those that can present you with different choices.

One such type is a Bitcoin VPS. It is essentially a virtual private server that you can pay for using Bitcoin as an alternative payment method. This is extremely useful for people who do not have access to any traditional transaction options such as bank transfers or PayPal but still want to pay for their services overseas. Additionally, payments made using the cryptocurrency are not only more secure and reliable, but also exponentially cheaper in relation to international transactions.

Another type of a virtual private server is the Windows VPS. Usually, most servers utilize a certain Linux distribution as their operating system of choice, due to its suitability and easier maintenance. However, Windows virtual private servers are also an option that you can go for, but be aware that it is more expensive due to the nature and popularity of the operating system in general.

Should I Invest in a VPS?

Yes, definitely do. A VPS is probably the most optimal option that you can invest in as it is easily scalable, meaning that you can purchase additional resources or pay less for those you do not utilize, making it substantially more flexible than shared hosting and dedicated servers.

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