Learn Where To Save & Where To Splurge on a Home Remodel

Learn Where To Save & Where To Splurge on a Home Remodel

While your home may look the same as it always does, it may feel different. It may feel…outdated. A remodel can reinvigorate your home and your excitement for it, but how do you get the remodel of your dreams without a nightmarish price tag?

Enjoying your home renovation without experiencing buyer’s remorse is all about balance. Learn how to balance splurging and saving to avoid breaking the bank or getting lackluster remodeling results.

Living Room

Your living room is likely a hub of activity in your home, so it’s important you know where to save and where to spend to get as much use out of the room and make it look beautiful. For instance, light fixtures in your living room can elevate the look and feel of the space. You can save money on light fixtures and splurge on linen lampshades or chandelier lampshades.

It’s also good to splurge on upholstered furniture for armchairs, couches, and sofas you and your family use a lot. Furnishings made with quality natural fabrics are better at withstanding wear and tear, and it’s easier to reupholster quality furniture. Save your money on coffee tables, end tables, and nightstands.


No matter if you only use your bedroom for sleeping or if it’s your home office/personal sanctuary/TV room/reading nook, the space should be comfortable and suit your needs. So, where should you save money remodeling this space and where should you consider spending a bit more?

Because we spend so much of our lives sleeping, you may as well pay top dollar for a good night’s rest. Splurge on a mattress that supports your body with the right amount of firmness or softness. Save on window treatments in your bedroom if you don’t plan on decorating the room with tailored curtains or custom draperies. Curtains come in a wide variety of lengths, colors, and designs, so you can likely find some that suit your bedroom design perfectly without going broke.


Many American homeowners prioritize their bathroom while remodeling, and you may, too. Perhaps you want to remove your tub and install a master shower, or maybe you have a shower you want to exchange for a relaxing soaking tub or a whirlpool tub. Splurge on a new showerhead, but consider how much water the showerhead uses once it’s installed. You can also spend more money on plumbing fixtures that last for several years without issue.

As for where you can save in your bathroom, start with the mirror. Look for mirrors that work great not only in your bathroom, but also in other spaces in your home. That way, if you want to change things up later, you can reposition and repurpose the bathroom mirror.

You can also save money on bathroom wall and floor tiles. Tile designers and manufacturers create tiles to suit every budget, so cast a wide net to find beautiful tiles at a low cost. It’s also a good idea to opt for inexpensive tiles for large spaces in your bathroom, like the shower and designer mosaic tiles for smaller bathroom spaces.


Another hub in the home, the kitchen is where you and your family may gather for meals, game night, homework, and more. While redecorating the room, save money by purchasing inexpensive cabinet materials. For example, solid wood cabinets and veneer cabinets are practically indistinguishable from each other, so line your kitchen with veneer cabinets and quality hardware that makes them look expensive.

You can splurge on a new kitchen sink made from a durable material like granite composite or stainless steel. While these materials are more expensive, they last longer and don’t need as much maintenance. The same applies to countertops, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more money on granite or marble countertops if it means getting more use out of them.

Hopefully, you feel more at ease about the result of your home remodel. Understanding where to tighten and loosen your purse strings not only gives you a beautiful home, but also peace of mind.

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