How to Record Game with DemoCreator on Windows

How to Record Game with DemoCreator on Windows

This article is more related to the gaming geeks who are struggling in their gaming careers, as even in this vast digital space, there are no excellent gameplay recorders. The term excellent screen recorder for Windows means the software is affordable in price and contains dozens of value-creating features.

Searching for these types of best softwares is very difficult. Hundreds of the softwares on the internet provide the game recording facilities, but they also come with their cons. The cons include advanced and expensive hardware requirements, high prices, time limitations in recording, strong GPU, a problematic learning curriculum, and a lot more.

We will introduce a good-performance video capture software -Wondershare DemoCreator. DemoCreator is packed with hundreds of best and exceptional value-creating features, tools, and capabilities that you will require in your gaming career.

Why You will Need to Record Game on Windows 10

Recording gameplay or any other stuff running on your desktop or laptop PCs was much uncommon back before the emergence of the global pandemic. With the surge of covid-19 cases, the countries went into a strict lockdown, and all our social life, careers, personal life, and academic learning nested on the internet.

Game Recorder Windows 10 – How to Record Game with DemoCreator

In this section, you will get all the information necessary to understand about the DemoCreator, and how to use it. First at first, we will discuss the features and functionalities of this wonderful software called DemoCreator.

Recording Functionalities of DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a platform-independent application, which means you can run it on any operating system, not only on Windows. The recording with DemoCreator is effortless and efficient. The application includes dozens of recording features that you can utilise in your workspace, teaching career, gameplay recording, etc.

  • The application is so powerful that it allows users to record screens, webcam, and audio at the same time and separately. You can record your gameplay with DemoCreator, including your microphone, camera, and microphone too.
  • The application is a blessing for gaming geeks as DemoCreator includes a separate tab for gameplay recordings called Game-mode. The tab includes many tools for recording the perfect gameplays. Before recording your games, the application allows you to customise your screen resolution, microphone settings, and webcam settings.
  • DemoCreator is so advanced as compared to other applications. The application also includes powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence models that capture your video and convert it into a complete motion avatar. This feature, called Virtual Human, is like you are present in a video but in your cartoon form.

Editing Functionalities of DemoCreator

The application is developed by a well-known software company called Wondershare to assist people in making their work or any sort of life more efficient in the digital space. The application contains more than five hundred editing and screen recording features and functionalities. You can do pretty much anything to edit your video when it comes to editing.

  • DemoCreator allows its users to add annotations, transitional effects, filters, music, audio features, filters, texts, captions, and a lot more while editing videos. The application is very easy to use- all you have to do is upload videos on the application and start editing them.
  • The application also allows you to make content for your social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can start your editing with ready-made templates to boost your production; you can add video motion effects, animations, green-screen effects, etc.
  • You are allowed to add background music, remove them, add your customised voice, and many other sound features.

Game Mode in DemoCreator

As we discussed above, DemoCreator includes a separate tab for gamers to record their gameplays efficiently, called Record Game. Let us deep dive into this feature, and teach the readers how to utilise these tools for their gameplay recordings.

  • All you will do is download and install the application from the main website of the DemoCreator. After going through all the installation steps, you will launch the application.
  • After launching the application, DemoCreator will show you the screen that will include multiple editing and recording functionalities, and from which you would have to select.
  • Select the Record Game mode from the main window. DemoCreator will prompt you to a customization window, in which you will select your game, webcam, audio, and screen resolutions. Give all the desired settings, but don’t forget to open your game window before all of this. After giving all the settings, click on the red giant recording button to start your recording.
  • Soon as you will start your recording, a taskbar will appear on the screen, which you can drag and drop anywhere on the screen. The taskbar includes multiple tools, and from here, you will click on the square button to stop your recording.
  • You can also press the hotkeys F10 to start and stop your recording.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Game Mode (FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding the DemoCreator game mode are listed below, along with their answers.

How to include yourself in the video?

Well, as described above, after launching the application and selecting the Record Game option, you can then add or disable your webcam in gameplay recording.

How to record the game with DemoCreator?

You can do it by installing the application and launching it. The application will prompt you to select from multiple recording modes, from which you will select the Record Game option, and next, you will feed your audio, webcam, and screen settings before starting the recording.

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Export/Share with DemoCreator

Although all your recordings are saved locally on your desktop, once you have stopped the recording, you can also edit them and share them wherever you need.

The share button is present at the top right corner of the screen; after clicking on it, you will be prompted to share the window of the screen. In that window, you will choose all options with which you want to save and export your video.


As an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor, DemoCreator comes with many advanced features like AI facial recognition, human presenter, virtual background for your video express. With DemoCreator, you can record any highlight when you play the online game and edit it easily. It is worth a try.

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