A different Perspective of Digital Transformation that will help you Get the most Out of your Business

A different Perspective of Digital Transformation that will help you Get the most Out of your Business

Investing in technology is important for optimizing your company, but it is the intelligent use of technology that plays a key role in generating new value propositions that improve your business.

The digital environment represents great challenges for consolidated companies that throughout their history have used business models based on analog methods. In general, the most common mistake is in understanding digital transformation as the implementation of technological platforms and infrastructures, but the true potential lies in how value and wealth can be generated through business models. In the case of online casinos like www.gambleusa.com, what they provide to the players is what matters.

There is a cultural issue of how digital is seen, how it impacts the market and how value and wealth can be generated from it. An environment in which leadership, the rules of the game, market methodologies and knowledge around technology have a great influence. Usually this space is seen as a place where you can only lose, because the margins are exhausted, because new competitors are entering with different rules of the game than they make prices fall or opportunities are not the same as before. This depends on the point of view, the fatalistic one in which only the chances of losing are seen or the competitive one of seeking profits.

To get the most out of digital transformation, there is no master method that provides all the tools and instructions. Experts believe that adaptation to markets is cross-sectoral, so what works for banks can be equally useful for insurers. Thus, it is how the transformation is condensed into two stages.

The Myths and Realities of Digital Transformation

The first is resistance and adaptation to the environment and the digital business items. Proof of this is the adaptation and creation of trends that the companies with the highest value in the world have mastered, in addition to the technological bases that they have been able to develop.

The other stage is related to convenience, that is, formulating value propositions that are convenient for users. Users look for other solutions and as they appear and make things easier, there are models that are more useful. But in itself this is not an issue of technology, it is an issue of business models and being convenient for users.

For this, the interaction with the user and the collection of data have a decisive role because they not only allow us to understand consumption habits but also give people the possibility to anticipate them and offer a variety of options that are more suitable to the user and that can become trends.

The digital transformation is only enough to level the balance but many times this is not enough. Companies are beginning to realize that they need to break business models, disruptive innovation to manage other forms of management with customers to generate business. This leads us to see that in recent years large companies have launched their own corporate models and disruptive ecosystems that lead them to consolidate in the markets.

As it is well mentioned, entering this digital world is not only about adapting, but also about dominating the games and this is achieved by creating trends so that users want to be within them. The key lies in proposing disruptive and innovative models that break conventionalities to take the most important part of the market.

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