Seo For Small Local Business: Top Recommendations & Prices

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Seo For Small Local Business Top Recommendations & Prices

Seo For Small Businesses By Seoshko

In order to fill this article with not only theoretical but also practical tips, we have interviewed local search expert Seoshko who’s been working on local projects for more than 7 years.

Let’s start with the basics. Seo is a set of strategies aimed at driving organic traffic to the website via ranking it in the top Google search results. What makes search engine optimization different from other types of promotion is the long-run perspective. SEO is a long-term investment that will generate ROI even after you stop investing. We have gathered top SEO facts and prices so local businesses owners know what to count on before the SEO campaign launch.

Stages Of SEO Campaign For Local Businesses

Optimizing your small business website is a complex, multiple steps process. Generally, SEO  strategy for local businesses stands on 3 complementary pillars:

Technical Optimization

SEO specialists hold a technical audit of the website identifying the weaknesses that may interfere with the performance. The aim of technical SEO is to make the website faster, easier to crawl, and more understandable for search engines.

Content Optimization

After the website reaches technical excellence, it’s time to fill it with relevant content. Focus on making the right first impression. In a highly competitive market, appealing and relevant content works as a marketing tool that is able to turn users into customers. On top of that, it defines the semantic core by which potential customers can find your website.

External Optimization

External optimization is a necessary step to create a recognizable image of your website. This stage includes a thoroughly-planned link building strategy, placing external links, and posting information about your website on authoritative resources.

SEO Prices For Small Business

As you saw, only because you own a local business, doesn’t mean you don’t need an SEO strategy. Even large companies struggle to retain their positions on the online market investing heavily in SEO. Many SEO providers offer affordable pricing packages so business owners can choose the one that fits their demands. Here are the examples of local SEO package prices by Seoshko.

  • Silver for $1000 per month
  • Gold for $1999 per Month
  • Platinum: $2799 per Month

If you hesitate about what package to choose, head to Be open about your needs and their specialists will pick the optimal offer for you.

SEO Content Writing Packages

Comprehensive content digital marketing is an effective tool to create a strong emotional bond between a user and a brand. It’s a much more powerful weapon than banner advertising that customers prefer to ignore. Content writing prices by Seoshko fluctuate and depend on the type of content you choose and the number of technical requirements.

For instance, a blog post for 12000 symbols will cost $250 while the package of 5 blog posts costs $800 monthly.

The price of one press release/guest post article per month is $100 while for 5 you will pay $430.

To Sum Up

Just like big companies, local businesses also need an SEO strategy to promote brand awareness and gain a wider audience. Together with local search expert Seoshko, we discussed the value of SEO, prices, and the must-be stages of SEO strategy for local businesses. Hurry to boost your customer flow with Seoshko right now!