How to pest-proof A/C vents, ducts or units to reduce mice infestation?

by Haider Ali Khan 0

How to pest-proof A/C vents, ducts or units to reduce mice infestation?

Pest proofing is a significant piece in maintaining air conditioners. It is important to prevent nesting insects and outdoor critters from getting to and harming the A/C unit or meddling with the lines and wires that connect with it — is a vital aspect for keeping the framework ready to rock ‘n roll.

Mice are small and adaptable creatures that can get into numerous restricted spaces, including air pipes. They migrate into the houses in search of warmth, food or shelter. However, they damage everything they run into along their tracks. The presence of mice in air vents and ducts pose dangers to human health. Some people suffer from allergic reactions to rodent and mouse pee, dander or droppings. Since wild mice are likely to be the carrier of a myriad of pathogens that could cause diseases, hence, it is critical to properly check your A/C framework for any indications of their presence or get an inspection done by professional pest control technician.

Following is the list of few steps that will help to pest-proof the A/C vents, ducts or units in your home.

  • Introduce air vent mesh Use mouse mesh or air brick mouse covers made for air vents and pipelines to help keep mice, wasps and different pests out of the home.
  • Secure the condenser – Keep the region around your outside A/C unit perfect and away from vegetation that could pull in mice or other pests. Search for indications of faeces, pee or chewing, particularly along electrical wires and refrigerant lines. Look out for the starting of ant moulds.
  • Seal air conduits – Make certain that the bugs can’t get to air pipes through holes, cracks or gaps in the ventilation area. Try to fix ducts immediately when an issue is found and replace duct tape if there is a chance that it is stripping due to reliable or extraordinary temperature changes.
  • Wrap air vent grilles and protect air conduits –Covering air vents with vertical louvers will help to keep insects and birds from settling in or around ducts or vents. Specialty screens and mouse mesh covered to air vents will likewise help to keep all way of rodents at bay.
  • Diminish moisture near the A/C unit – Dispose of buildup puddles or rain that is formed close to the unit. Dripping or standing water can pull in mice or rodents the most, which can likewise make helpful conditions for termite movement as well.
  • Utilize suitable pest control measures to forestall infestation – Reaching out to pest control experts who are appropriately prepared is the prescribed method to guarantee that you are utilizing suitable pest control strategies to stymie mice infestation.


Aforementioned are some of the useful steps that will help to know how many mice in a nest are present in your home. The use of proper pest control measures will help to get rid of mice infestation easily.