Google SEO Tips for 2021

Google SEO Tips for 2021

Each year Google updates its search algorithm, thus prompting web owners and businesses to adapt or fall in search rankings.

This year is no different. Here are 4 Google SEO tips you should keep in mind for 2021.

 Pay Attention to Meta Descriptions

Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s in meta descriptions may be last year, but Google still favors them.

You can get ahead of the pack by hiring an SEO Singapore company to complete your meta descriptions. About 30 percent of web owners do not update them, and Google might change that when it’s left blank but not to the keyword you might want.

A well-written meta description engages the viewer early and makes him or her want to click the link. Put in the keywords you want and you get a higher chance to get a visit.

 Add Numbers to Your Titles

Titles are more important than you’d think, and numbers can get the results you want.

Dates in title tags show greater clicks than those without. However, you shouldn’t force it or else it will look unnatural. You can get this integrated with listicles or when you talk about up-and-coming trends.

 Refresh Your Top Content

You may have achieved immense success when you hired an SEO Toronto firm and created content that skyrocketed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rehash it.

Even the top rated websites will try to re-introduce their hardest-hitting content and keep the same URL. All it takes is a share on social media and you can enjoy massive gains along the way.

 Point Your Links Internally

A good SEO Malaysia company will know that the two best ways to improve SEO is to add meta descriptions and titles.

Internal linking should take top priority as well. Doing this serves up a platter for your visitor so he or she could explore your website further.

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