Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer – What to Expect?

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer - What to Expect?

You may be acquainted with the concept of breast augmentation. It’s quite popular nowadays due to the advancement in technology and the surgical field. When you feel that you are losing your confidence due to the shape or size of your breast, you can opt for breast augmentation. You can either go for silicone implant or breast augmentation through the process of fat transfer.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

The process of breast augmentation with fat transfer might be the best possible method for you. However, you need to understand how it is done and what it can do. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and when you are going with a fat transfer, the process used is liposuction. The surgeon would remove fat from a suitable area of the body with excess fat and then he would transfer the fat to the breast area.

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What to Expect in Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat transfer is also called fat grafting. Over the years, there has been many successful cases of fat transfer. This is a relatively safe and long-lasting procedure with best results. You can go for breast augmentation with fat transfer only when you want a moderate increase in the breast size and have a proper shape and skin tone. Fat transfer can also help in contouring after breast implant.

You need to consider these points when deciding on fat transfer for breast augmentation –

  • It may take multiple sessions for getting the target size.
  • Although it may be comparatively a permanent solution, it is more costly than implants.
  • Since the new breast is filled from the fat of your own body it is all natural. There is even less chance of having allergic reaction.
  • Moreover, you need to prepare the area of fat tissues and it would require a considerable amount of time.

The whole process has three stages –


This is the first stage where both the patient and the doctor choose an area for extracting the fat through liposuction. After injecting with a local anesthetic, the surgeon makes an incision to insert a cannula. The cannula is attached with a syringe for the extraction.

Purification and Transfer

The extracted fat should go through purification process before injecting in the target area. Then the surgeon would prepare the purified fat cells in syringes for the transfer.


Now, the surgeon prepares the area for transfer. The surgeon again inserts a cannula to inject the fat tissues. This creates a line of fatty tissue over the natural tissues. The placement is complete when you achieve the desired size or contour. The surgeon then bandages the grafted area.

Make sure you follow the treatment plan devised by the surgeon. The after-treatment care is also equally important.