5 Things To Consider When Migrating from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce NPSP

by Haider Ali Khan 0

5 Things To Consider When Migrating from Raiser's Edge to Salesforce NPSP

Many established nonprofits have a long history of using The Raiser’s Edge. This legacy fundraising and constituent relationship management platform has many built-in features, but is not as flexible as the newer Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Here are five considerations for stakeholders considering switching from one integrated constituent portal or donation tracking software to another to factor into their decision.

Advantages Salesforce NPSP Has Over Raiser Edge

While Raiser’s Edge is a powerful platform capable of processing donations and storing constituent information, Raiser’s Edge NXT still requires organizations to host data on a virtual private network, and it is necessary to switch between web and classic views to perform the full range of functions of this software.

Organizations seeking cloud-based alternatives with multi-tenant architecture often prefer Salesforce for Nonprofits. This software as a service platform may be more secure if users set strong passwords and administrators exercise control over permissions.The Salesforce NPSP grew out of open-source development and benefits from three major releases every year and direct support for a wide variety of third-party applications.

How To Migrate Data From Raisers Edge to Saleforce NPSP

Raiser’s Edge structures data differently than Salesforce for Nonprofits. Attributes in Raiser’s Edge must be translated into Salesforce objects, fields and picklists. It is important to determine which data is necessary to transfer before deciding on methodology.

Integration software makes it easier for an organization to transform Raiser’s Edge constituent records into contacts in the Salesforce NPSP. This platform uses different terms and functions in a different manner.

Cross-Platform Differences In Terminology and Functionality

A primary distinction between the Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce NPSP pertains to modules versus objects. On the level of records, constituents become contacts, and Salesforce does not account for “non-constituents” in Raiser’s Edge profiles.

Translating attributes and constituent codes into contacts, preferences or custom objects accounts for a significant portion of integration. Gifts and appeals in Raiser’s Edge will need to become opportunities and campaigns in Salesforce for Nonprofits.

How To Integrate Salesforce NPSP With Fundraising Software

It is important to note that the Salesforce NPSP does not have the ability to process donations. For this reason, some organizations that have been using Raiser’s Edge retain a license for this purpose and move over contact and engagement records.

Connecting Salesforce for Nonprofits to an online fundraising platform may make it possible to lower operating costs and raise return on investment. Stakeholders should compare processing costs and select the most accessible and cost-effective way to accept donations and track giving.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Data Integration Software

One of the major benefits of switching to a cloud-based SaaS platform is regular updates with security patches. Whereas the legacy structure of Raiser’s Edge can make this platform vulnerable to breaches, Salesforce is more agile with regard to providing access and the latest fixes.

Many organizations appreciate the advantages of Salesforce for Nonprofits. From the Power of Us program that grants not-for-profit associations 10 free licenses with a Salesforce subscription to the AppExchange, a nonprofit can streamline operations and improve fundraising outcomes by pursuing integration.