4 Myths About Gun Safes

4 Myths About Gun Safes

If you own and fire guns often, you may buy accessories for your firearms and even pro-Second Amendment clothing. And if you have several guns, you may be considering a gun safe, but you should learn more about them before purchasing.

The information below will help you make the best gun safe choice.

Buy Any Gun Safe

Some folks on a budget may think that buying any gun safe is better than having nothing. However, there are times when having nothing could be better than an inexpensive gun safe.

Consider this example: Say you purchase a $500 gun safe and put 10 guns in it. Plus, your wife decides to put her $4,000 engagement ring, rare gold coins, and vital documents inside it.

Then, you come home from dinner and find your front door open, and your gun safe in the bedroom tipped over and open. They even used your hammer and chisel to break open the cheap gun safe.

If you didn’t buy that inexpensive safe, you wouldn’t have had all those valuables in one place. You would have been better off with your guns and valuables spread around the house.

It’s Strong If It Has A Thicker Door

A serious gun safe has a serious door. However, don’t assume that your gun collection is safe because a safe door is made of 1-inch steel and weighs 900 pounds.

While it’s nice to have a thick, steel door, it’s as good as paper if the locking bolts don’t slide into a rugged, steel doorframe with solid construction. Also, remember that a thick steel door can be opened if it’s easy to defeat the locking bolts and door frame.

Also, the criminal can get into almost any safe if they have the leverage. That’s why the best gun safes have tiny door gaps. Likewise, the best safes with superior burglary ratings have small door gaps that are difficult to wedge any tool into.

For instance, some of the best gun safes have a gap so thin that you cannot even get your Visa card in. Good luck to any thief who wants to stick a crowbar in there!

You Can Put The Gun Safe Anywhere

If you have the gun safe in your house, a thief may find it. So the best place to put it is a place that will take time for a criminal to find.

You shouldn’t put the gun safe in an easy place for guests to see; you never know what people will do. It’s also a problem to have it on the first floor where service and maintenance people will see it.

The Safe Is Too Heavy To Steal

If four people brought the gun safe into your home, four people could carry it out. In addition, there are reported cases where thieves picked up a gun safe, carried it to a van in the driveway, and took off.

If you spend the money on a gun safe, you also should spend money to pay contractors to bolt it to the floor. It also makes it more difficult for the thief to get leverage and pry open the door.

But if the thieves do manage to take the safe, there are models available with GPS tracking. So the police can be informed and track down the thieves at home.

Buying a gun safe is a considerable expense, so you should be sure that the product you buy will deter thieves and keep your valuables safe.

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