Real estate and social media: How to use social networks for real estate business

Real estate and social media: How to use social networks for real estate business

Today to sell houses it is essential to use social media. The online presence and the use of social networks have become essential allies for all types of businesses, including real estate. It is time for you to start using Social Networks to sell houses, effectively and with clear business objectives.

It is very important that you never lose sight of the fact that social networks by their own nature were not made for sale. So it is important to define:

  • Which social media are the most suitable for a real estate agency?
  • What types of content should be shared?
  • Who should manage the accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube?

And how should you interact with other users through these platforms?

The presence in social media serves to achieve visibility and build trust. Social networks can help humanize the brand, to show the values ​​of the company. Smart real estate agents use different tools such homesmart open house signs. What you do and what you have achieved and from this effort maybe a contact can come out that later turns into a sale.

First step to sell Houses with Social Networks: define objectives

Choosing the best social network for a real estate agency will depend, above all, on your objectives and the audience you want to reach. It is very important to keep in mind that resources are limited: it is not possible to be on all platforms and do it well. It can use as brand management platform as well. Choose the main ones where your ideal clients interact the most.

Among the possible objectives of the presence in social networks of a real estate agency the following stand out:

  • Brand presence and positioning, Getting users to know the company
  • Show your products, virtual visits and video demonstrations
  • Achieve visits and downloads of valuable content
  • Being a leader in the real estate field

Social Networks: Not all are the same

Each social network has a different type of audience, different content needs and different interaction and response times.

The recurrence of Facebook or Twitter is not comparable with the number of times LinkedIn is used or Instagram is viewed. All these factors, together with the objectives set, will determine which social network should be used in each case.

Social networks for a real estate:

The second social network, in terms of priority for a real estate agency, would be Facebook, “where all the people and the vast majority of brands are; you almost have to be there because everyone is there. But, in addition, you have to be present with specific content regarding the objective set. ”

Twitter already works practically as a means of communication, so the most important thing is to share useful content. “If you don’t have a lot of your own content or you can’t spend a lot of time on social media, Twitter would be in the background, it wouldn’t be so necessary.”

To have a presence on YouTube, it is a basic requirement to offer original video content

Regarding Instagram, it offers the possibility of showing a different face of the real estate agency, but it is difficult to do business through Instagram, although this social network is evolving to facilitate contact with the companies that use it, it is even more complicated than with the others.

Of course, this helps to contextualize, but only who is currently interested in buying a home. Actually you don’t want that, you should focus on growing your networks and the number of your followers and then get them to refer or recommend you. That is why it is important that your content is of great value, so that it becomes viral quickly.

The magic is in sharing

Take enough time to listen to what other users say and to share what others have posted and that is interesting. In this way you will be offering useful content to our followers. Social networks are based on sharing, on transmitting, and we will not be able to have someone share our content if we do not do it first.

This exercise in generosity, however, has certain limits and you should pay attention to what content is shared: quality content and interesting for our followers, such as those published by industry influencers. Take the opportunity to investigate what their sources of information are, so that, in the future, you will be the first to spread new interesting content and become a reference.

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