Popular digital marketing trends to look for in 2020

Popular digital marketing trends to look for in 2020

If you are looking for the best techniques to grow your business online, Digital marketing is one of the best ways. For the digital marketing of your business, you have to follow the most recent digital marketing trends. In this way, you will be able to build and showcase your business vales to the customers.

Here we will discuss digital marketing trends in 2020; these trends are surely going to help your business to overgrow. Moreover, adapting the most recent digital marketing trends can assist you to remain ahead in the market. All the trends mentioned below are successfully implemented by Eventige, you can visit Eventige official website here.

Latest Marketing Channels in 2020

Voice Assistance

Several brands have adopted Voice assistance marketing technology in 2020 to improve their communication with customers.

Messenger Bots

One of the best digital marketing trends for 2020 includes Or chatbots. This digital marketing technique is remarkable for an automatic lead generation. Also, Messenger Bots can save a lot of time for businesses. There are a lot of ways to utilize Messenger bots like booking appointments and consumer feedback.

Consumer Experience

Presently, customers are spoilt for options and ask for more customized business experiences. The current year is going to be the year of data-driven personalization. Also, this is going to be a big challenge for brands heading into 2020.

Moreover, technologies providing real-world intelligence on people and places for selected marketing would observe more significant adaption for creating personalization work at scale.

The Economist recently published a report in which they state that marketers are going to take on the consumer experience in 2020 and attendant in a considerable increase in the use of personalization, amalgamating customer data-backed services with an expectation’s physical context.

Content King and ROI Queen

With content at the top for 2020, extending the kinds of content utilized will be essential to remain ahead of the pack. In this domain, the leading players are going to be the immersive content like live video and augmented reality (AR). According to recent research by Digital Marketing World,13 percent of internet traffic will be made up through live videos by 2021. The addition of AR is going to make another level of communication, with videos already widespread over social media permitting customers’ real-time engagement with the businesses they love.


With time, digital marketing is upgrading quickly. In case you are not adapting to the updated technologies, then you will be identified in this competitive market. Moreover, if you want a perfect technique to reach your consumer, later, you should pay attention to Omni-channel Marketing.

Presently, a lot of brands are making investments in Omni-channel marketing. Because of this assists you to engage and connect with your consumer (you will be able to have knowledge that what consumers are finding).

Live Video & Ads

The live content segment has increased rapidly faster than the population growth in the past three years. And this becomes feasible due to Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. And in case you want to grow a perfect engagement with your customers, the live content is the best option. Also, this thing is free to do to where you are going to provide a real-time user engagement. The live sessions will be posted to social media newsfeed is the primary benefit of this technology.

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