Manage Remote Worker PTO with an Online Time Clock

Manage Remote Worker PTO with an Online Time Clock

Online time clock software has changed the way we run our businesses. This software is being adopted quickly throughout small companies because it helps simplify employee time tracking and payroll processing. Online employee time tracking also helps boost company morale when every employee knows they are getting what they deserve down to the cent. There are many advantages to having a well-running online timecard system, and they should not be overlooked or underestimated.

When you grow as a business, you may decide to start outsourcing some work by hiring remote employees. As our world becomes more advanced, and the use of technology for work becomes more commonplace, we are seeing a higher rise in remote workers.

You may be wondering what the best ways to keep track of your employees are, and one of the best answers is to invest in online time clock software.

Many systems cater to remote employees and will help you keep track of their work hours along with time off. Every system will have specific features that may or may not be suitable for your business. You should be sure to thoroughly research each system you are considering to make sure it is actually what you need to run a remote team.

What is PTO, and Why Do You Need to Keep Track of It?

PTO stands for paid time off and can be a massive motivation for employees to keep track of their hours accurately by punching time with the online time clock software. You will want first to set up a document that states your policy for paid time off.

The policy should include how much an employee needs to work to acquire paid time off. It should also cover how employees should go about requesting time off and details about whether they can roll over their balance or if it will be a use it or lose it situation.

Next, you will want to find a suitable online time clock system that allows your workers to punch in or out remotely. Some time clock solutions are now so advanced they can remember a specific IP address. So, if your remote employee has a company computer, they will automatically be clocked in every time they use it.

Additionally, there are smartphone applications your remote workers can use to punch in or out and be tracked via GPS, to keep an accurate log of time and location. There are many different options to choose from. All will record times, and help you see how much PTO each remote employee is acquiring.

On top of this, you can set limitations on how much PTO an employee is allowed to earn and can have time off requests go to their manager for approval first. This feature is excellent to ensure that you are adequately staffed throughout the week.

Employees will also be able to clearly see how much time off they have and can use it to plan their vacations and keep you informed through using requests in the time and attendance app.

Online Time Clock Software is One of The Best Ways to Track Employees

There are many beneficial reasons why you should use an online time clock to track paid time off. Time off is automatically updated when an employee earns time off accruals, and their balance is adjusted when they request time off. This allows you to focus on more important things, such as ensuring your business is running smoothly and remains profitable.

When you don’t have to track everything by hand and notes, it becomes easier to see who needs a vacation and who doesn’t. This will also make your remote employees happy, knowing their time is indeed being counted.

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