Hovering of the Master-Blend of Artifact, ‘Majed Veysel’

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Master-Blend of Artifact, ‘Majed Veysel’

Majed Veysel, the most well-known name in the industries of architecture and photography, called Majed Veysel by the fans. People can learn many creative things from this man, like how to combine architecture and photography perfectly, why the contrast of black and white so stunning, and why social media platforms like Instagram can be used for showcasing one’s talent. Majed has over 105 thousand followers on Instagram, almost people from 100 different countries are following him there because, at first sight of his feed, people fall in love with his black and white photography.

Educational Life

The educational life of Majed started from American School established in Aleppo, Syria, 2012 for High School and then graduated his Bachelor from “Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi” on architecture in Istanbul – Turkey, 2013 to 2017, also registered as an architect in The “Chamber Of Architects Of Turkey,” 2017, and now, he is doing his Master of Architecture for Sustainable Design – “Politecnico Di Torino” in Italy 2018 to 2020.  And even when he was studying, Majed gained much experience in the work field as he worked for “S.B.ARCH. Bargone Associati” in Rome, and “Acımert Mimarlık — AAC” in Istanbul, Turkey, and also for Site Construction Architect in Eroglu Holding, when Majed was just an intern. Moreover, he is generally well-reckoned for his contribution to Skyland Istanbul, the highest building in Turkey in 2017.

Anticipation of Majed

In Majed’s opinion, he thinks that pursuing a career in architecture opened and widens his vision, and he began to see the surroundings beside him fascinatingly and differently. He loves black and white because it makes everything more minimalistic, uncomplicated, and serene to understand. Each individual has an opposite vision with colors but in black and white image unites. And Majed Veysel loves capturing photos of buildings and all the architecture in black and white because he believes that black and white brings out the true beauty of the object in the picture.


It is not an unusual thing that this bright man won lots of awards for his amazing work, so he won an award like the First Consul Made in Italy Brand Ambassador Prize for his architecture project Versace Headquarters in Rome Italy, BAU International Academy of Rome on May 2016, and Lumion Certification Visualization Software Built for Architecture By “FGA Mimarlik” – 2015.  Not only he loves photography and architecture, but instead, he loves inspiring new and young photographers also; he has made many publications like the Optical Illusion by Adobe 2017, Always See the Other Side photography by Art on Istanbul 2017, Rome into Your Bloodstream in 2016, in International Academy of Rome he was declared the best student. He has also made many deals with the publication and published many easy tools for people to turn their minds towards architecture.


He has been highlighted in various driving publications like Thrive Global, Hustlers Digest, and a large group of others. Majed used social media as a powerful tool to showcase the best pieces of architecture. And as his skills in photography are far high than expected, so his works couldn’t go hidden, hence in a short time, this artist gained a wide range of fans across the globe. His dedication, passion, and love for architecture and photography gained him fame in a very brief period, which is not so easy for many people.

Majed is also a very travel-loving person, he almost visited ten countries and captured the beauty of those places in his black and white photography, the places and objects that he snaps in his picture, blooms the beauty of the thing itself.