The most essential apps for your smartphone to survive in the world

The most essential apps for your smartphone to survive in the world

Do you know most of the people have 60-90 apps installed in their smartphones? Although it’s another debate whether they use them all or not but the numbers are pretty dreadful. A recent study conducted by the Android authority reports that the smartphone users only open 8-9 apps daily. 

So, how do you know about apps that are most essential and the apps that are only consuming your data, nothing else? There are thousands of Android apps out there to help you in studies, business, jobs, and entertainment: their worth depends upon the habit of the individuals. 

If you’re a game lover and want to play Agen sbobet on your android, why do you have the other 20 games installed on your phone which you never opened in the past 50 days? The answer is simple, you don’t know. 

Without taking much time, let’s dig into more details and find out some most essential apps that can help you to learn exciting things,to play games like Agen sbobet, finding new places, and keeping you up to date with the current situations.  


The first and the foremost app you must have in your cell phone is the 1Weather to get updates about the weather so that you can plan your things accordingly. It comes with built-in features that will access your current locations and send you notifications for emergency rains. 

Why do we recommend 1Weather? Because this is the number 1 weather app in the United States that can predict weather up to 12 weeks. The forecast accuracy rate is far better than the other similar apps out there in the market. It featured customized settings for notifications, emergencies, and heavy rains.    


You might be familiar with this app because it is pre-included by most smartphone manufacturers to give full access to your important files. You can sync and store your excel, word, or PDF sheets from your email account and store them in the device.

The Dropbox can perform its all functionalities on Android, Windows, macOS, and of course IOS. It’ll give you access to share your private pictures, videos, sensitive documents on their cloud-based services.

So if you lose your cell phone or your kids may reset your phone accidentally, your data will be saved in the Dropbox and you can get at any other smartphone or computer.  


Youtube gets the title of the second biggest search engine after Google. Although it’s owned and run by Google but it has made its worth in video content. More than 2 billion users are there on Youtube to learn through tutorials, see the world from other perspectives, and to explore the beauty of technology.

It’s not only a source of entertainment but a giant way of generating passive income by putting content on the Youtube channels. Do you know that 79% of marketers prefer advertising on Youtube instead of Facebook?


We added Twitter in this list because one must be aware of the news in and out of the country. Although BBC and CNN have launched their apps but you didn’t get Mr. Trump is talking about the current scenarios on any of these channels, except Twitter. 

Twitter has got the status of the world’s no.1 source of authentic news and has been used by politicians, celebrities, sportsmen, and the common public. 

No matter how many apps you’ve downloaded in your cell phone, you should have the above-mentioned apps in to survive in society. 

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