How to Cut Cord and Still Enjoy Watching TV

by Haider Ali Khan 0

How to Cut Cord and Still Enjoy Watching TV

The term ‘cutting the cord’ can mean a few different things, but in TV technology it may mean getting rid of your cable subscription in search for better digital viewing.

In this case, cutting the cord is more than just ending your contract with BT, Virgin or Sky in the UK and getting Netflix, Freeview or Amazon Prime.

Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure on how you can make the jump.

Step 1. Preparing for the Cut

The cable channels you may have been accustomed to watching will have to be replaced, either by local programming or a streaming-based platform.

For Freeview, keep in mind that a TV aerial installation is needed. If you want to go with streaming services you will need a fast broadband connection.

Each has its own merits- aerial, for instance allows you to watch local sports, variety shows and the weather without having to pay extra, while streaming services lets you watch the shows you want anytime.

Step 2. Make Sure You Have the Right Device

Your TV may be old and won’t work with digital platforms. Smart TVs are the requirement of digital TV as they can connect to Wi-Fi and can accept coax input at the same time.

If you’re planning to watch Netflix or YouTube, you’ll need a device that has a browser or can download apps. For aerials it’s better to do some research and see if you may need a set top box to receive programming.

Step 3. Enjoy the Show!

After cutting the cord you’ll have a new entertainment platform where you can watch local news, movies and TV shows. Take the time to appreciate digital technology and all its forms.

More importantly, you’ll have transitioned seamlessly from a cable contract to one that can bring you more entertainment and save you money in the long run.