CSGO Modes and Their Installations

CSGO Modes and Their Installations

CSGO game is the global offensive counter strike that has standard five different types of gaming modes includes Casual mode, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Competitive, Demolition. These all are some interesting modes of counter strike. Each of having the two teams – Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. This is a passionate game, and you will find each mode of this very interesting once you have installed it and are known with the installation procedure better.

Modes of Game 

DEATHMATCH: In this mode, all the guns are available, and the player can choose the weapon menu to select the weapon. The deathmatch uses an 8.6 system that why this is different from the other game striking system.

ARMS RACE: This mode is quite similar to the call of duty mode in which the player starts from a knife and eventually up the level of the weapon they are using.  The players begin with an SMG, go through several weapons in this mode, and eventually reach the golden knife. Then wins after killing off the final player/ opponent.

DEMOLITION MODE: This bomb-defusing mode. In which terrorists plant the bomb and counter-terrorists will defuse it.

COMPETITIVE MODE: It is almost similar to watching professional CSGO game. There are usually two teams in this mode – each consisting of five players – and are up against each other in a match of 30 rounds. You can not switch sides in this mode, unlike the others. If anyone player leaves the game while the match is still on in this mode, they are punished accordingly. Usually, they are banned from playing competitively for a fixed period.

CASUAL MODE: Casual mode and competitive mode matches are quite similar in many terms, barring some exceptions. There are again two teams, but with ten players on both sides. The game’s ecosystem here is more evenly matched, and the players face others who are on the same level. Eventually, whichever team ends up winning eight rounds ultimately wins.


By installing the counter strike, you can have access to all the modes of CSGO within the game and can experience the game challenges under each mode.

  • Start from the Steam, sign up the account in Steam if you are not on the Steam.
  • Go to the Steam website and click on the steam login button.
  • Install Steam on your computer, and you will get access to the browser.
  • Go to the library and choose the counter strike.
  • Click the blue-button to install the game.


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