Why should you choose Wooden Sunglasses and how are they different?

Why should you choose Wooden Sunglasses and how are they different?

Sunglasses are not only worn to make a fashion statement but more importantly to protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Once considered a luxury item, sunglasses are now a necessity as they provide a cooling effect on our eyes during sunny days.

Due to the rise in demand, manufacturers keep coming up with new designs to compete with their rivals. One of the most popular styles of sunglasses currently are those made of wood. They are not only innovative but also eco-friendly. Buying wooden sunglasses is one of the best ways to reduce your plastic consumption.

Wood is a naturally light material and this is one of the main reasons people prefer to opt for sunglasses made of wood. As wood is a natural and hypoallergenic material, you can wear these sunglasses all day long without feeling any discomfort or irritation on your skin.

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Some of the benefits of wearing wooden sunglass include:

1.  Eco-friendly

Wearing sunglasses made from wood will reduce the use of plastic and also save the environment from being polluted with harmful plastic production. Since it is created by a sustainable material it is considered to be eco-friendly as wood releases less carbon dioxide (Co2).

2.  Protection from harmful UV rays

The lenses that are used in the wooden framed sunglasses are manufactured with good quality lenses, which act as a shield from UVA and UVB rays that are very harmful to your eyes. They provide a higher level of protection than normal glasses.

3.  Comfortable

These glasses are very comfortable to wear because they are lighter in weight when compared to normal sunglasses.

4.  Durability

Wood is a very durable material. Wooden sunglasses easily retain their shape and fit for many years and also last longer when compared to other materials used.

5.  Different styles

There are a lot of different styles available within the wooden sunglasses category. The natural pattern of the wood creates a unique design and there is a huge range of stylish wooden glasses available.

6.  Longevity

As these glasses are made out of wood, they should last for many years, just as other wood products do.

Why choose wooden sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses are not only eco-friendly but also last for many years. These are just a few of the strongest reasons for buying wooden sunglasses.

Wood is considered to be versatile and beautiful and the natural designs of the sunglasses look good on both men and women. Wood has a unique style and so makes a change from wearing the same old plastic glasses. Wood can still have a variety of different shades making a variety of different colours available.

The designs are unique and differ from one pair to the other because all trees are slightly different and this brings a unique style to the sunglasses. The varying natural patterns of wood means a variety of designs are available.

When it comes to strength, wood is stronger than plastic, so these shades are much less likely to break.

Other benefits you might experience by wearing wooden sunglasses are as follows:

  1. They can enhance your style and appearance and you can use them based on the outfit you are wearing that day.
  2. They protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun and decrease the intensity of the rays entering your eyes. This can prevent eye problems further down the line.
  3. If you like spending time outdoors or work outdoors then wearing these glasses can prevent your eyes from getting tired. By wearing these glasses, your eyes will retain their moisture as they will not be exposed to the heat and cold outside as much. You may also be protected from allergies by being in contact with less dust and other irritating particles.
  4. When you buy these glasses and start using them on a daily basis you will notice they don’t cause any skin problems. This is because wood does not irritate the skin. They have also been proven to help reduce jet lag.

These are just some of the main benefits of wooden sunglasses. By choosing to use sunglasses that are made out of a renewable resource, you will help to reduce your impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to include these sunglasses in your collection next time you are looking for a new pair!

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