How Can A Physical Therapist Help You?

How Can A Physical Therapist Help You?

If you are having pain in your body that has been around for a while then it might not just go away on its own. Sometimes stretching or just waiting for the pain to go away isn’t the best option.

In cases where there is a persisting issue with your body that is causing you discomfort or pain then you should consider seeking professional help. Some issues can be fixed by yourself with the right stretches and exercises, but other times a professional is needed.

When deciding on who to visit to manage your pain your will should think about the difference between chiropractic care vs physical therapy. Visiting the right professional will yield better results for your pain. If the pain is from a misalignment in your spine then a chiropractor will be the best option. However, if the pain is due to an imbalance in your muscles then a physical therapist will be your best option.

A physical therapist will undergo a physical exam and evaluation with you to find out what your body’s issues are, including flexibility, posture, and joint motion. Then they will give you a diagnosis, prognosis, and goals in the short term and long term.

A physical therapist can assist with common conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, cystic fibrosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, and traumatic brain injuries. Patients will usually train with a physical therapist at the office and then do the exercises every day at home. It’s important that you follow the instructions of your physical therapist closely in order to get the intended treatment and results.

If physical therapy is successful you can avoid the need for pain killers for your injury, avoid surgery, improve your balance, recover from a stroke, and more.

Physical therapy can do great things for your body if you find a professionally trained therapist. Do research for therapists in your area and see which one is best for you.

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