interior lighting?

How can I improve my interior lighting?

The most basic principle: let the light fall on the object.

The novice wants to lay out a good home lighting environment, always first determine what the space does, what function it is, and then go in three steps: 1 determine which place needs lighting; 2 what kind of light is used for this place; 3 Choose a light fixture based on this light. Many interior designers love to make mistakes, they just do n’t understand the meaning of the phrase “where lighting is needed”, and they like to put some lights on the CAD plan at equal distances and horizontally. This way, the drawings look good, but the actual effect may be bad.

What a good lighting design should look like


The hallway uses a downlight to ensure the most basic home security and convenience in handling items. You can consider an automated induction lights,just as Lohas Led dusk to dawn light bulbs.

Dining room

The dining table uses a spotlight, and the human face can see the general appearance through the reflection and diffuse reflection of light on the table. But I light up the wall on the side of the table with a light strip. At the same time, when I eat, I turn on the kitchen cabinet light bar, so that people can see the comfort on both sides without fatigue, strong privacy, and happy.

Living room

When watching TV in the living room, there is no need to illuminate the sofa (people sitting on the sofa, spotlights also illuminate the sofa, in fact people are uncomfortable). Use a spotlight to illuminate the coffee table, and use a circle of USB light strip behind the TV to reduce the contrast between the TV and the surroundings, ensuring the comfort of the human eye. Use a downlight to illuminate the right side of the TV. When the human eye looks to the right and looks back at the TV, the contrast between light and dark is not great, and there is no fatigue.


The study uses polarized downlights to illuminate the cabinet, adding fun and convenient access to books.Only a standard reading desk lamp is used on the desk. The light of the desk lamp, coupled with the diffusely reflected light of the polarized downlight, is sufficient to ensure that the illuminance of the desk area, adjacent areas and the entire space meets national standards.


The small balcony in the bedroom only uses a small table lamp, which makes people quiet in the evening when drinking tea. The bedroom does not need to be too bright. There is a circle of lights on the bedside, a table lamp on each side, and a spotlight at the end of the bed. There is light and shadow, and both fun and comfort.

For bright scenes, we can add a set of downlights to meet the many guests at home, or the scene where you want to clean the room at night. This group of lights is determined according to the size of the light spot (the product manuals of regular manufacturers will definitely have parameters for each light, including how many meters, and the size of the light spot). When this group of lights is fully on, Next to the light spot, the space will light up evenly.

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