Become a gentleman by playing video games

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Become a gentleman by playing video games

Games can be referred to as your behavioral teachers because you’re going to learn a bunch of emotional and intellectual lessons from them. Many of us play games with kids, friends, and alone for fun and entertainment. 

When we download a game, typically we start by clicking on the privacy policy and reading about the rules of that game. The next step is to develop a strategy that will help you to deceive your opponents to win the title. The gaming gurus said that “every game defines the winners by its own rules”. 

At the start, the game is just like a time killer and a source of pleasure that works according to our schedules. But as time passes, people get attached emotionally and don’t want to win the title of a loser from their peers. That’s an extreme version of such people seen in various situations. 

A good game teaches us to care about our competitors’ emotions as well because they need your moral support to enjoy the fear of being looser. Such games like Judi bola can develop a sense of care and competition at the same time in the players. 

Try not to play all alone

A guideline issued by the WHO (World Health Organization) clearly states that a game should be played with at least two people. More preferably between 12 players that will make a group and you’ll learn how to make efforts for the success of the team. 

It’s suggested by the great psychologists because when we reason alone, we may think in the wrong direction and most probably in a negative manner. A group collaboration, conversation, and discussions help us to work for the mutual benefits. 

Play every game

Play all games to get to know about more strategies and reasonings to solve a problem. This habit will break the comfort zone of your brain that has been playing the same game for more than 20 days. 

This habit will help you to tackle most of the tasks that you had never performed in your business, job, and studies. For instance, you’re playing CandyCrush for a couple of weeks and don’t get confused with its challenges, you need an immediate switch to play Judi bola to break the patterns. 

Learn from the opposition

One of the secret formulas to succeed in the gaming world is feedback: the more you work on the feedback given by the opposition, the greater are the chances that you will win your next games. 

When you want to grow as an individual, the best way to ask people what you were good at and bad in the game. This habit will make you stronger in every field of life when you accept your flaws and work on them accordingly.  

The last lines

A positive attitude with learning goals in mind can make you a better personality after playing video games. Try your best to not take things personally and avoid getting into small conflicts in the games. Develop your charter as a supportive person, not an envy devil.