6 Best Businesses to Start in Singapore in 2020

by Haider Ali Khan 0

6 Best Businesses to Start in Singapore in 2020

Starting a business is one thing, and choosing a business that will be successful is another. Singapore is the best and easiest place to start and run a business successfully. It has a business-friendly economic climate. That is, it has a good trade-oriented market economy with very low taxes. It is open and has very few cases of corruption. For your business to be successful in Singapore, do some research about the country. Know the laws and cultures of the land. This way, your business will never die. This article describes the 6 best businesses to start in Singapore.


Food is the most basic need of humans. The restaurant business is very successful in Singapore. Many Singaporeans prefer eating in restaurants or food cafes because they are often busy. They do not have enough time to cook and go to work. A restaurant requires little capital to start. It also does not require any formal academic certifications. This business becomes more successful if you are creative and innovative. Choose to offer something that is appealing to Singaporeans and visitors.


Singapore is a major tourist destination due to its natural beauty and vibrant urban destinations. It will most definitely have a growing hospitality industry. Tourists flock to the island, and they need food, a place to rest, recreational centers and so on. You can earn a lot of money from owning a hotel or any other business related to hospitality.

Transport Business

Singaporeans need to travel. The same is true for the thousands of tourists who visit the country annually. This causes the transport business to be in very high demand in Singapore. If your available capital is limited, you can opt to start a taxi service within local routes. If you have more capital, it is beneficial to start a taxi service that covers a larger area because it is more profitable.

Laundry Business

Many people in Singapore are busy with their work and will probably have no time to do their own laundry. Likewise, business travelers who visit the country need their laundry done conveniently. As such, many people prefer to pay to have this done for them. Starting a laundry business does not require much. You only need washing machines and a few other types of equipment like dryers and pressing irons. Make hay while the sun shines and invest in this sector.


There are very few people in the agricultural sector in Singapore, yet agricultural products, especially food, are in high demand. The government of Singapore has supported this sector with resources. It has developed agrotechnology due to Singapore’s limited arable land. A farming business will be highly profitable so long as you are willing or rather ready to bear the costs of this technology.

Financial Services

Financial services include accounting, auditing and bookkeeping. If you are competent in these areas, then Singapore is the best place to offer your services. This is because it has many businesses, both local and foreign. Thus, the demand for professional financial services is high. You can make a lot of money from these services.


Singapore has many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The only thing you need is to have the right mindset and be determined to succeed. You can be sure that you will have good chances of financial success if you start any of the above businesses in Singapore.