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Tencent Games’ CROS Backs The Future of Mobile eSports

March 22, 2019 – Tencent Games has officially unveiled their CROS, or Common R&D Operation System during a this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. The company’s first keynote sessions discusses innovative solutions in technology to help more than 200 top mobile games achieve greater success within the industry.

The CROS session involved one of the most popular games today, PUBG Mobile. A case study has revealed how Tencent’s system helped PUBG gain a massive status in the world of mobile games. Insights to Tencent Games CROS products include:

Intelligent Network Optimization

Millions of users are playing PUBG with little to no latency, thanks to the Intelligent Network Optimization technology, or simply known as INO.

The system is designed to provide a lag-free experience via transmission support and network optimization from the ground up. eSports tournaments enjoy reduced average latency by as much as 99.9% of industrial requirements.

Game R&D Solutions

G6 technology allows cross-continental game matches with PUBG Mobile in a continuous environment. Global data storage is kept under 3 milliseconds and handles more than 20 million data requests each second.


WeTest is instrumental in keeping testing time for PUBG Mobile by up to 90%. AI technology is used to asses the top 500 smart phones that make up the user base. From there, data gathered is used to speed up and enable a smoother multiplayer environment.

Mobile Tencent Protect

MTP is a comprehensive platform that works as an anti-cheat tool. The system provides easy ID and quarantine for the most popular active cheating tools for PUBG Mobile.

CROS has made PUBG into a seamless experience that’s being enjoyed by people from all over the world. In effect, Tencent Games has pledged that they will provide support and the tech needed by developers to make their multiplayer games shine in lag-free environments as well as being a fair platform for all kinds of gamers.

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