Technological Gadgets Destined to Change the Future of Escape Games

by Haider Ali Khan 0

Technological Gadgets Destined to Change the Future of Escape Games

Escape gaming business is in constant development as new ideas are coming up with the aim of
giving players more excitement and thrills. The use of groundbreaking technological inventions
together with the development of high end gadgets has brought new life to the game.

Unfortunately, these new inventions can only be relied upon by companies which have a huge
financial backing. One such company is Breakout Games- St Louis Escape room, known for their
best services when it comes to the escape rooms gaming world.

Exciting Gadgets That are Shaping Escape Games

There are quite a number of technological inventions which are now being developed or are
already in use by companies offering escape games. Unfortunately, not every company can
know how to use these inventions easily. To make it easier for you, here are some of the
exciting gadgets that are destined to shape the future of escape games.

  • Virtual Reality Technologies (VR)

The biggest development today in Escape Rooms is the use of Virtual Reality Technologies. This
technological development has brought immense changes into the room as they give an
experience like no other. For the very first time, players can get the chance to interact with the environment in a way which has never been seen before. Even though the technology is still in its development stage, players are destined to enjoy numerous advantages judging from how
the first prototypes have completely changed escape rooms.

  • LED Lights

Tiny LED Lights are now being incorporated into escape rooms as they are being relied upon
when it comes to illuminating hidden surfaces while also creating a different ambience for the
entire room. This gives players an experience like no other despite only spending one hour in

the room. 

  • Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are one of the most important technological inventions changing escape rooms
worldwide. These locks are quite hard to figure out even though they come with new locks and
detonators feature that makes them easy to work with. Magnetic locks have added excitement
to the escape rooms since players must look for new tricks to defuse them. Unfortunately,
magnetic locks can only be found in a few escape rooms since they fetch a huge price in the

Escape games and the entire environment are constantly changing as more and more
discoveries are being made. Just as the trend showed, escape rooms are here to stay since they
give players a memorable experience. However, for any individual or company to make it big in
the escape room business they must make sure that they master the true art of escape games.
This will mean hiring the best professionals who will play a key role in the development process.

One such professional is Drew Roberts who is highly trained when it comes to marketing the escape room business. With the right expertise, you are sure to make it big in the escape room business without having to dig deeper into your pockets.