New Bitcoin Scam Uses Daniel Radcliffe In Fake Endorsement

by Haider Ali Khan 0

New Bitcoin Scam Uses Daniel Radcliffe In Fake Endorsement

Despite being exposed by a few industry watchdog websites, it appears the scammers behind Bitcoin Future software are still attracting new customers whilst using the same old tricks.

This new fraudulent trading app promises a system which supposedly provides a 99.4% level of accuracy for all trading signals. It is said the system does it by being “0.01 seconds” ahead of the markets. But that’s clearly not the most disturbing part of this ruse. Savvy online marketers are using unauthorized endorsements of celebrities such as Daniel Radcliffe for promotional purposes.

It seems Bitcoin Future is merely the latest in a string of celebrity-based scams designed to defraud unsuspecting victims by getting them to register for illegal offshore Forex and CFD Brokers in what is commonly referred to as a revenue or profit share scheme. That means the promoters and the offshore brokers split the profits which are being generated by the customers. But it seems that in most cases traders end up losing their money, hence the conflict of interest.

Another interesting point has to do with the fact that this scam has become so popular with scammers that it has been duplicated by various networks and media agencies who are also interested in baiting unsuspecting victims.

Scammers are specifically targeting new or amateur traders who are inexperienced with the financial markets and can be easily swayed. Obviously more seasoned traders can spot a fake when they see it, but for most people the allure of easy money at the click of a mouse is simply too difficult to resist. This is particularly relevant when Bitcoin and other virtual currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin are concerned, and that’s due to the massive media hype about new Bitcoin millionaires such as the Winklevoss twins or Erik Finman the teenage millionaire.

However, scams like Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Aussie System, and Bitcoin Revolution are relatively easy to identify once you follow a few guidelines. First rule, if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Secondly, in order to make money you need to invest time, resources, and energy. Anyone telling you that you can become an instant Bitcoin millionaire has an alternative agenda and you will most likely end up losing your money. So do you research and if you are not sure ask a friend or relative.