The Best Online Winter Jackets Trends of 2019 | New Collection Ladies

The Best Online Winter Jackets Trends of 2019 | New Collection Ladies

You wear the winter coat very often and they often last for years. That is why it is advisable to invest in a good winter jacket.

Every winter there are new winter jacket trends and this year there is a lot of choice in the field of winter jackets. It is good to keep looking at your wishes and physique.

For example, a long trench coat is often not good for your figure when you are not that tall. In addition, it is good for someone with long arms to look at sleeve lengths. Because especially in the winter, your jacket should just fit well. Furthermore, the color is very important.

If a white or beige jacket is totally hip, this does not mean that it will automatically stand for you. Do you have very light skin? Then go for dark green or warm brown. This makes your face a lot less pale.

Winter jackets trends 2019 for womenWinter jackets trends 2019 for women

New trends

Oversized jackets

One of the biggest trends for this winter is oversized jackets. You see oversized jackets in all sorts of types. There are oversized puffer coats, but also many oversized woolen coats. An oversized jacket gives you an edgy look. In addition, it keeps you nice and warm because it protects a large part of your body.


Metallic fabrics in colors such as silver and copper are completely hot this winter. You will certainly steal the show in a metallic jacket. Combine a metallic jacket with quiet accessories in colors such as black or gray.


Capes are back. They radiate elegance and are very chic. There are very beautiful and warm woolen capes, many colors, prints and textures for sale. The capes are also a perfect intermediate solution for when it starts to get colder. You can wear them very well over your leather jacket. The perfect combination of cool and chic!

Fake fur

Faux fur is also a trend that we see with the winter coats trends 2019. You have coats that are entirely of faux fur. Here it is not only about the basic colors such as black and brown. There are also many jackets in striking colors and prints. Coats with a large faux fur collar are also very popular.

Permanent trends

Sheepskin jacket

Sheepskin jacket are made from (imitation) lamb leather. The wool is on the inside of the jacket which makes for a wonderfully warm jacket. The leather on the outside stops the wind and rain. There are many imitation Sheepskin jacket that are often just as warm as the ‘real’ version, but less expensive. These jackets are also animal friendly.

Puffer coat

The puffer coat is very popular. This jacket has a sporty appearance and consists of a smooth, quilted fabric that is filled with feathers. This creates the “puffs”, springs of springs say. The puffer coat comes in an unbelievable number of colors and lengths and the puffer coats are very nice with separate sizes and volume.

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