Benefits of pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment testing is when you test whether a job candidate is suitable for a job based on their aptitude, personality, and skills. It’s a widespread phenomenon in the workplace, with around 70% of employers saying they did some sort of job skill testing, 46% of employers used personality testing, and 41% of employers have used literacy and math skill testing. It makes sense that companies would want to only hire suitable candidates to ensure that everything in the workplace goes smoothly. A popular pre-employment test that measures aptitude, personality, and skills is called a prevue assessment. Prevue assessments are considered one of the most accurate ways to measure if a candidate is suitable for a work position since it measures every area of pre-employment testing. Ellis Locke & Associates are one of the major companies that offer companies prevue assessments and they say that the tests are crucial for corporate positions. When millions to billions of dollars rely on people being suitable for a job and being good at it, you can bet that those companies are willing to pay the small fee to ensure that they hire only top talent. When the potential employee completes the prevue assessment (which can be done online), there are 3 reports that are produced. A selection report lets you identify potential gaps where a candidate might not fit in for the position. Any areas of concerns are highlighted here and it will be the main report used to identify whether an employee will be an ideal fit for a position. In the corporate coach report it will help the hiring manager with coaching a candidate during the onboarding process of hiring. It will allow the hiring manager to know where the candidate may need support during their time starting at the company. The individual report is shared with the candidate, written in a second person narrative. It explains everything to the candidate about how they performed on the test so they can learn and improve. Even asking a candidate to perform a basic task prior to hiring them is considered a pre-employment test, so they are widespread. For basic position like a dishwasher or cashier there may not be any test involved before hiring, but instead the employee will be evaluated as soon as they start work and monitored closely from there on until they have proven themselves. If you are a hiring manager for a large company then prevue assessments are highly recommended.

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