Top iPhone X Cases

Top iPhone X Cases in 2018

In this article, we have listed top iPhone X cases in 2018. The following cases are rated to be the best iPhone X cases. Having that said, these luxury cases for the iPhone X have been sold to millions of people around the world. They come with free shipping too!

With Apple’s official release of iPhone X, most of this phone’s users would like to maintain its security, appearance and keep it scratch-free. As such, one thing that for sure comes handy in protecting this phone is luxurious covers that have been carefully stitched together, with precision, to match their intended use. These cases can be categorized into two major categories, namely;

  • Luxury Ultra thin iPhone X cases,
  • Luxury leather iPhone X cases,
  • Ultra thin iPhone X cases.

Luxury Ultra thin iPhone X cases

These cases are considered best among many that are currently available in the market. They are luxurious and therefore bring along comfort among other services.

These cases/covers come in five distinct colors, namely, Black, Red, Pink, Purple, and Gold.

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Luxury leather iPhone X cases

When it comes to leather cases for iPhone X, luxury leather iPhone X covers lead the pack, according to the current market trend. With luxury leather iPhone X covers, users shall for sure enjoy the services that they offer, including, the capability to be used as a card holder as well as a phone stand.

These leather cases are available in four different colors namely Black, Red, Brown, and Blue. Luxury leather iPhone X covers are not just leather cases, they bring with them style and status, that has always been associated with iPhone.

Ultra thin iPhone X covers

It’s everyone’s wish to have a phone cover that makes them feel as though there’s no cover at all when using their phone. This is exactly what ultra thin iPhone X covers do.

Some of the features notable in these ultra thin iPhone X covers include;

  • They have a very thin body which makes them give a smooth hand-feeling to its users.
  • They are slim thereby making the user have a good feel as though their iPhone X had no cover.
  • They are smooth and comfortable to use
  • Designed with anti-fingerprint and anti-watermark features. This makes it possible to use the phone without leaving visible watermarks and fingerprint marks.
  • Offer full screen and lens protection
  • The cover is multi-layered to guard it against fading
  • Have independent keys that are also flexible, making it easier to use the keys while your iPhone X is still under the case.
  • Protects the camera against scratches by providing an extra height to prevent it from coming into contact with the surfaces.
  • They are easy to install and uninstall – have two openings placed at the bottom to enable its users to easily install or uninstall them.

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We all hate our phones that feel thick and fat in our hands and finding an ultra thin iPhone case can sometimes be hard. We, therefore, listed an ultra thin iPhone X case below, which would make the phone feel just as if it has no cover at all. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it looks good just as it sounds! The ultra thin case comes in black, blue, red and white colors. The best part about this case is that it’s super thin and is anti-finger print + anti-watermark.

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