Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android: Transforming The Pharmacy Experience

The apps in our smart phones, tablets and computers are making everything easier and more convenient, including the pharmacy experience. In fact, health tech apps are growing in number and demand in the subsequent years, being released on both popular iOS and Android devices. In the U.S. alone, more than 75% of all adults own a mobile phone, and around 89% of time spent on these devices involve using apps.

Removing Barriers to Medication Adherence

High costs and education largely play a role in the low rate of medication adherence, but online pharmacy apps hope to turn that number for the better. The best pharma apps will tell you why you need a certain medicine to treat your condition. Apps now have the capability to compare similar prescriptions, empowering the user to find lower drug prices from a Canadian Pharmacy Online. Moreover, they can take that comparison and use the app to directly order it without needing to phone in or visit a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

Managing Tricky Medication Regimen

Non-adherence to medication can mean that the patient is either not taking the prescribed medicine on time or at all. Mobile apps are making it easier for patients to take their medication on time, every time. Users can fill their new prescription and get timely reminders when their prescription is running low. Adding a prescription is simple- the user just has to scan the prescription’s barcode to add that into the app, syncing the schedule into the phone’s built-in calendar. Alerts and notifications will then come in from the smart phone so you won’t have to keep track manually.

Effective Channels of Communication

Mobile pharmacy apps for iOS and Android contains medication reports that complement the work of health care professionals. These apps can notify physicians and attending doctors if you’re taking medication in wrong doses or in incorrect schedules. Patient-physician communication becomes more streamlined, and questions may be answered in real time, increasing adherence.

Innovation in the form of pharmacy apps can save insurers, employers, care providers and individuals valuable time and big money, while patients experience better health care in return.

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