YouTube to Mp3, Mp4 converter and Downloader is one of the best replacement of IDM
YouTube to Mp3, Mp4 converter and Downloader is one of the best replacement of IDM

Youtube to Mp3 and Mp4 top 5 Downloader and Converter for Mac & Windows

Youtube is world famous video streaming website where people go and search for their favourite video what they want to watch but many people want to download video from Youtube and they use downloader for that but when they need it for a special compatible device they need a special type of a video format which they want for their device which they are looking for and many people want mp3 format of their favourite video song there are a list and a bunch of online Youtube converters but I will share few of them with you which I used personally and which is best of all I will tell you the best 5 online converters which are on the top of my list.

Clipconverter is an online converter in which you can convert any Youtube video to your favorite Audio or Video format you can convert videos from other websites you just have to copy the Video URL and paste it in clip converter for your video or audio format.

Online Video Converter v3.0:
Youtube support online video converter which is very easy to use you just have to copy the URL and past it in the blank and select the format which you want to convert and you can choose your format with your video resolution and press converts it is the most simple converter I ever used.

Convert2MP3 is a free online converter where you don’t need any type of registration or license key for activation it is a completely free forum where you can search video also and download it directly from there and it is a very good Youtube to MP4 converter also.

One of the simplest Youtube Converter I have ever tried just had to Copy URL from the Youtube and paste it here and then select your format and get your favorite Youtube video format that’s simple as 1 2 3.

YouTube MP3:
It was one of my first Youtube online converter which I used for my video songs to convert it to MP3 format for my iPod and Audio Compatible devices it is completely free to use and it supports only one format which is MP3 so you can only download Audio from this converter.

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