Xbox Scorpio is the first ever 4k gaming console with 6 Teraflops

by Hamza Hayat 0

Xbox Scorpio is the first ever 4k gaming console with 6 Teraflops

Xbox Scorpio is the upcoming latest gaming console with new creativity and will be the unbeatable gaming console ever. This new gaming console from Xbox will be released in the holidays of 2017. Xbox Scorpio will be the first 4K gaming console with no boundaries and no limitations. The upcoming 6 Teraflops gaming console will be able to run 4k games along with high-fidelity VR.

So the question arise, that either Sony will build the PS5 more innovative as compared to the Xbox Scorpio? It’s been more complicated for Sony PlayStation to create such a brilliant gaming Console like the Xbox Scorpio. According to different articles, reviews, and project Scorpio videos, this will be the first gaming console to support 4K games.

The project Scorpio is totally different from the previous Xbox gaming console, the Xbox Scorpio will be featured by 6 Teraflops while the PlayStation 4 comes with 4.2 Teraflops, if we look at the Specs, and amazing features of Xbox Scorpio, should the Sony will be able to build their new PS5 with such nice and new features like Scorpio.

As there is no such confirmed information about the PS5, gamers are still waiting for PS5 to hear some good news about PlayStation 5, but later on stay connected and wait for the Xbox Scorpio, from my opinion the Xbox Scorpio will be a huge enhancement to the Xbox family.