Oppo Q7 and Oppo R7 main differences that everyone must know

by Hamza Hayat 0

Oppo Q7 and Oppo R7 main differences that everyone must know

Oppo R7 is the initial smartphone for the success of Oppo, the Oppo R7 looks familiar to the iPhone as well as the design of Oppo 7 is like Huawei mate 7. As compared to the Oppo R7 people search for Oppo Q7, but there is no such Oppo Q7 smartphone from Oppo and neither having any official news or updates from Oppo. But instead of Oppo Q7, there is another smartphone from Oppo the Oppo R7.

Oppo Q7 has a metal construction and having a classy design, the phone looks pretty good’s as well as feel’s better in hands.The Oppo R7 is featured by a 5.0 inches AMOLED display the resolution of Oppo R7 is 1080p also the screen has a protected coating of Gorilla Glass 3.

As compared to any mid-range device the Oppo R7 is a little bit cheaper, but as of specs wise it is much better, the Oppo R7 runs on Andriod 4.4.4 KitKat and is powered up by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Chipset. Also, the phone have 16 gigabytes of ROM and 3 Gigabytes of Ram, now that’s good, mostly the smartphones from 2015 are featured by 2 gigabytes of Ram but the Oppo R7 has 3 gigabytes of Ram which is pretty good for any mid-range device.

Later on, after the great success of Oppo R7, R7 Plus, and R9 they created some smartphones with some good features and better design, the Oppo F1 and F1 Plus are the Smartphone from Oppo released at the half of 2016 but till to know they are leading as better smartphones. But if we compared the Oppo R7 with the smartphones from 2015, so compared to that the Oppo R7 is better to go for.